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10 ways you can give back on world environment day

Today is World Environment Day. While nature gives us its all, we too need to nurture and cherish our planet. Check out the 10 ways you can give back to nature.

Thank a tree

Be thankful for the trees and plants around us. They provide us oxygen essential for our survival. Plant few trees and plants around your house today. Include your kids when you are planting and create an interest and awareness about the life giving trees.

Start cycling

In today’s fast paced world we prefer faster modes of transportation. Take a step towards protecting the environment by cycling around. It helps in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and is also great for your weight loss.

Donate food

The amount of food being wasted everyday is alarming, especially when there are many who cannot afford two square meals a day. Donate any leftover food to the needy ones. That way you would feed someone and protect the environment.

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Make a compost pile

Make a compost pile at the back yard of your house. The nutrients will be recycled back into the ecosystem that will also enrich the soil. You can make this a community pile by coordinating with the neighbors.

Reduce pesticide

Use of pesticide in our food harms us and the environment equally Our children are most affected by this as they tend to absorb the pesticide faster. Opt for organically grown food even if it costs more.

Use leftovers

Learn to create something new and exciting from the leftover food. Experiment with new ideas using which we can cut down on the wastage and save our environment.

Avoid plastic bags

Replace plastic bags with jute or cloth ones. While it may be convenient to use plastic bags, the amount of harm it causes on our environment is high. Plastic consumption is being banned all around the world.

Reduce the use of aluminumwhile baking

The new disposable aluminium tins have become a new trend in baking. Reduce the usage of aluminiumand replace it with ceramic baking tins. The same applies to aluminum foil wraps that is used for food packaging.

Car pooling

The best way to commute around the town and to beat the traffic stress is by opting for car pooling. It will not only reduce the congestion on the road, but also take care of your steep fuel expense. By reducing the carbon emission, we are caring for our environment too.


Having a garden around your house not only makes it prettier but also, gives you the feeling of being in the lap of nature. Start planting simple shrubs and plants in the pot and can move on to planting few trees for shade and fruits.

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