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4 food habits to avoid when you are on a diet!

With growing awareness about health, everyone is following a diet or going to the gym or both. But despite being strict about their routine, many people complain of not seeing any results. The reasons behind this are simple. Read on to know 4 food habits to avoid while dieting:

Skipping Meals:

When on a diet, people often make the mistake of skipping meals and depriving their body of food for a long period of time. While this may help cut down the overall calorie intake per meal, it won’t really help in losing weight, as opposed to popular belief. Skipping a meal reduces your blood sugar levels, encourages your body to store fat, reduces your metabolic rate, causes you to eat more at your next meal and makes you irritable. Instead, control your portion sizes by eating small meals every few hours. Also, never skip breakfast as your body has been fasting all night and needs the nutrition to function optimally.

Hidden calories:

Are you proud of yourself for ordering a salad last weekend? While a salad is a healthy option, it may come accompanied by an extremely rich dressing, high in fat. This would actually make your salad an unhealthy choice. Be careful of everything you eat, even if it’s just a portion of sauce. Another example of hidden calories are the ones in liquids other than water. Avoid alcohol, juices, sodas and aerated beverages which are high in calories and sugar.

Unhealthy snacking:

While eating on regular intervals is recommended, it’s also important to keep a watch on what you’re eating. Choose healthy snacking options such as fruits, yoghurt, cereals, etc. rather than processed snacks, packed juices and junk food. Also, snacking late in the night is a strict no-no.

Eating late at night:

As the day progresses, your body slows down. Hence, it’s always advisable to eat small portions and a light dinner as your metabolism and digestive functions are slower at this time. You should also eat your last meal at least a couple of hours before you sleep.

Avoid these 4 habits to make your diet more effective. However, every person’s body is different and so are their dietary needs. For best results, consult our top Diet and Nutritionist at Ask Apollo, who will help you design a diet plan especially suited for your body, lifestyle, tastes and requirements.

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