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All About 3 Months of Pregnancy

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3 Months of Pregnancy
3 Months of Pregnancy


All the mothers who have travelled the pregnancy journey know that the third month is strange, particularly for new moms. The mother is now sure of the pregnancy and is immensely happy to welcome the bundle of joy. But the journey in front of them is significant enough to overwhelm them. This blog tries to cover all an expectant mother needs to know about the 3 months of pregnancy.  

What symptoms may one observe while in the 3 months of pregnancy? 

Each women’s pregnancy experience is different, and there is no way one can generalize it. Some may feel sick, and others may feel good during this stage of the pregnancy. But some common symptoms an expectant mother in their 3 months of pregnancy may experience are vomiting, heartburn, gas, and constipation. They may also observe changes in their body structure, such as nipple darkening, itching, and breast swelling. Fatigue, mood changes and a rise in desire for or aversion towards food are constant companions during this stage. They may also have a discharge from  the vagina.   

Earlier, people used to take the lack of morning sickness as an indicator of problems with the child. But researchers have found this false .Pink or brown blood spots or discharge in the undergarment is typical during pregnancy. There is no need to get alarmed since 25% of healthy pregnancies have spotting during the first phase of pregnancy. But it will be a matter of concern if you have heavy bleeding that can soak a pad. Consult a healthcare provider right away in such cases.   

How big will the baby be in 3 months? 

By the end of the third month, the baby will almost be fully formed. The baby will have toes and fists with nails, ears and even reproductive organs. The circulatory and urinary systems will develop, and the liver will produce bile. The digestive, muscular, and skeletal systems will grow, and they may even hiccup or suck their thumb. Reflexes start maturing, and white blood cells will be produced in the bone marrow.   

The baby will be approximately 7.6 -10 cm long and 28gms in weight at the end of the third month, but gender identification will be complex.   

How will the baby bump look at three months of pregnancy? 

Most women, especially those with strong core muscles, don’t have an enlargement of the  belly until the fourth or fifth month. Some may start showing up, and it varies from person to person. Even though one is at the same stage of pregnancy as another woman, the belly size can differ, and there is no reason to worry or compare with others.  

Is three months’ gestation the same for twins and singletons? 

Twin and singleton growth are almost similar at the early stage of pregnancy. At 12 weeks, twin babies may be slightly smaller than single babies. However, they should still measure about 2 or 3 inches long and weigh approximately a half ounce. Size variation between two infants is also normal in twin pregnancies, and there is nothing to worry about unless the healthcare provider says so.  

When to see a doctor? 

Miscarriage is not a common event during this point of pregnancy. But one must pay attention to the following and should contact a healthcare provider immediately upon the occurrence of any of it. 

  • Severe bleeding, which soaks the pad 
  • Fever higher than 102°F lasting more than ten days 
  • Painful cramps in the abdomen 
  • Uncontrollable back pain  
  • Constant vomiting and nausea 
  • Urinary Tract infection 
  • Vaginal infections, unpleasant odor from the vaginal area 

How to take care of oneself during the 3 months of pregnancy? 

It is time to take good care of the mother’s mental and physical health since her body is undergoing many changes. The hormones fluctuate to suit the baby, and the brain must adjust to the new reality the body is in. One may discuss with the doctor the vitamins they have to take, the fitness activities they can do, and the diet which can be followed.   

The third month may give the mothers a break from morning sickness, and they may feel like eating more food. Consume nutritious food and quench your cravings. Proper sleep and rest are the most critical factors required during this time. So, ensure that you get it right.  


The 3 months of pregnancy is relieving since the mothers are usually rid of morning sickness and may start eating all they desire. But some continue to have morning sickness. Different women experience the journey differently; there is nothing wrong with feeling different from another woman going through the same. Rest, proper food and exercise are the important things to follow at this point in time to get the strength to go through the beautiful stages ahead.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it said that the chances of miscarriage are less after the 3 months of pregnancy? 

By the third month, the baby in the womb will almost be fully formed. Since the major bodily and functional developments have already happened, miscarriage will remain minimal. 

Is it possible to identify the gender of the baby at three months of pregnancy? 

In most cases, gender identification is not possible during the 3 months of pregnancy, even though the development of reproductive organs has happened.  

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