Are You Suffering From Painful Periods?

Painful Periods

Pain During Periods. Is It Normal To Have Pain During Periods?

You must have heard from people saying painful periods is normal and they also tell young girls nothing to worry and once you get married or have children, this will subside. This is a myth and if you have painful period, make sure you see your gynecologist and rule out endometriosis. Mild pain can be primary dysmenorrhea and doesnot need intervention but if it is severe needs treatment and it should start early to stop the progression of the disease

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the implantation of inner lining of uterus outside the uterus and when it is implanted in the muscle layer of uterus, it causes adenomyosis. Most common type of endometriosis is ovarian endometriosis and it forms a cyst in ovary called as CHOCOLATE CYST. Other sites can be uterus (Adenomyosis),fallopian tubes, and pelvic peritoneum, rectum, umbilicus and many other places.

How Endometriosis does affect you?

It causes mainly painful periods and it’s a progressive disease and keeps increasing over the years. This also causes a lot of adhesions in the pelvis which may cause your uterus, ovaries and bowel stuck to each other and you may suffer from infertility. Not only pain during periods and infertility, it may also cause painful intercourse (dyspareunia), painful defecation (dyschezia), constant back pain and hampers with your daily quality of life. You may also experience fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, especially during menstrual periods.

Is pain an indicator of severe disease?

The severity of your pain isn’t necessarily a reliable indicator of the extent of the condition. Some women with mild endometriosis have intense pain, while others with advanced endometriosis may have little pain or even no pain at all.

How it can be diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed by clinical symptoms, by ultrasound and if needed MRI. Laparoscopy helps to diagnose and treat endometriosis.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment depends on your age and your requirements for fertility. Medical treatment is mainly pain relief and hormonal medication

Surgical options are laparoscopic clearance of endometriosis or excision of endometriosis gives you pain relief and also help conceiving. And in cases where endometriosis is involving the rectal area, endometriosis must be excised from the rectovaginal areas for good pain relief. You must ask your gynecologist about the excision surgery if pain is the primary symptom.  Even after surgery, endometriosis may come back.

If I remove my uterus…will my symptoms subside?

Surgery to remove uterus and ovaries was once considered the permanent treatment for endometriosis but now it’s clear with research that it’s no more the permanent cure. Having your ovaries removed results in menopause. The lack of hormones produced by the ovaries may improve endometriosis pain for some women, but for others, endometriosis that remains after surgery continues to cause symptoms. You must ask your gynecologist about excision surgery if you are getting operated for pain or infertility due to endometriosis. Partial clearance may not help you always.

Ladies, please do not avoid period pains. It may look normal to you but there can be something really serious about it which you may not know. Consult the best doctors near you as soon as possible.

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