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Cancer Cure: Treatment Options to Consider

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As we all know cancer is a condition where there is an over growth of cell formation in different parts of the body. Cancer has come to be known as one of the leading causes of worldwide morbidity in recent years. Although cancer is very difficult to treat, early detection and accurate diagnosis can help. Several kinds of cancer can affect the human body and they are distinguished by the type of cell category they impact. Here are a few well know treatment procedures of Cancer.


This is one of the initial methods used for removing cancer cells from an affected area of the body. If the cancer has not spread, it can be surgically removed. In this procedure, a part of healthy tissue is also cut along with the damaged area to make sure that there are no signs of undetected cancer cells that may have spread. This healthy tissue is tested for malignancy and if there is a positive detection, then the process is repeated in order to eradicate any further possibility of the cancer from spreading.


This is by far the most well-known cancer treatment option known to us. This is used majorly for cancer that has spread to various parts of the body. This method consists of chemicals introduced in the body that affect the process of cell division and target the cancerous cells in order to stop their multiplication. This is also a form of combination treatment and therapy for curing cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Also known as Radiation treatment is a process in which the cancer cells and tissues are exposed to high-energy gamma rays through with the help of a machine created for the purpose. If radiotherapy is not carried out properly then chances are that it may to lead to damage of healthy tissues. This method is usually used in combination along with others for effective treatment of Cancer. One such kind of radiation therapy is Tomotherapy. It is also a form of a CT scan, where in a beam is emitted from a rotating support targeting the affected area of the patient. Even though surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the commonly used techniques in cancer sure, with the advancement of technology few equally effective alternative cancer treatment options are now available to tackle this deadly disease. They are:

  • Gene Therapy – This aims at replacing the damaged genes with a copy of the original to remove cancer cells. This is a fairly new method that has been introduced and is performed in only a few critical cases.
  • Hormone Therapy –This method focuses on hormone production and its link towards growth of cancer cells, which changes hormone production and kills the cancerous cells.
  • Immunotherapy It concentrates on boosting the immune system of the body so that the anti-bodies combat the cancer cells and destroy them with the help of an enhanced immune system.
  • Stem Cell Transplant – This method can be used in combination, to cure cancer, during the use of extensive chemotherapy, which tends to damage the bone marrow stem cells. This transplantation is administered through an intravenous drip, which in turn replaces the healthy stem cells that may have been destroyed due to severe use or high doses of chemotherapy.
  • Precision Oncology In this method, the patient’s molecular genetic framework is gathered and customized therapies are developed. This helps eradicate abnormalities formed due to cancerous cells without risking damage to healthy cells. This procedure consists of: Precise Diagnosis, Precise Planning and Monitoring, and Precise Treatment.

These are a few of the top cancer treatments used worldwide by several oncologists. These are few cancer treatments which provide more options to patients and help them lead a cancer free life post treatment.

Verified By Dr Padmaja Lokireddy
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), MRCP, FRCPath (Haematology)CCT, Consultant Medical Oncology & Hematologist& Bone marrow Transplant Specialist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad
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