Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles


Almost every person gets dark circles once in a lifetime. It is a common condition and does not need any medical attention in most cases. Read on to know what causes dark circles and how you can cure them.

What are Dark Circles?

Dark circles under eyes are when the skin under your eyes gets darker than usual. People often believe that they are a sign of tiredness. However, there can be many possible causes due to which dark circles occur. 

Dark circles are rarely something to be worried about. People believe that dark circles under their eyes make them look weak, unhealthy, and older. Though the condition does not require medical treatment, people desire to cure or alleviate them to look healthy. 

Dark circles under the eyes may look brown, blue, or even purple, depending on a skin type. Yet, they are different from any injury, redness, or bruising around the eyes due to infections. 

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

When you are tired, it appears on your face, specifically under your eyes. If you experience chronic dark circles under your eyes, you should figure out its causes and treat them right away. 

Here are some of the usual causes of dark circles: 


Staying up for longer hours, extreme tiredness, exhaustion, and oversleeping are a few things that cause dark circles. Sleep deprivation makes skin pale and dull. It further allows dark tissue to show up. 

Lack of sleep builds fluid under the eyes that lead to puffy eyes. It results in a dark shadow under puffy eyelids. 


Eye dryness or allergic reactions can cause dark circles. 

To determine whether you have allergies or not, you should check for other symptoms as well. You may observe redness, itchiness, and puffy eyes due to allergies. Histamines released by allergy can also cause your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible beneath your skin.

It is advisable not to rub or scratch on and around your eyes. Rubbing can worsen the symptoms and result in swelling, inflammation, and broken blood vessels. Eventually, all these will result in dark circles.  


Dark circles are natural with aging. As time passes, the skin of a person gets thinner and loses collagen and fat. Collagen and fat are responsible for protecting skin elasticity. By responding to this, the blood vessels become visible and darken the area under the eyes. 


Drinking enough water is no new suggestion. Yet, many people avoid it. Dehydration is when your body does not receive the proper amount of water. It makes your under-eye area look darker due to its proximity to the underlying bone. 

Eye Strain 

Eye strain is another common cause that can give rise to dark circles. More screen time results in more dark circles. Eye strain enlarges blood vessels and darkens the skin around them. 

Sun overexposure

Overexposure to the sun results in more production of melanin in the body. Overexposure to the same leads to pigmentation around your eyes. Skin pigment irregularities can also be a cause of dark circles under the eyes. 


Many people get dark circles due to genes passed on to them. People may notice dark circles in childhood, and it gets worse as they grow. Yet, this is not always the case. Many times dark circles due to heredity disappear over a period. 

When to see a doctor 

Dark circles under the eyes are not a medical emergency. However, in some cases, if there is a combination of unusual symptoms, you should consult a doctor. 

If you feel there is swelling and discoloration under one eye, you should visit a doctor. 

The doctor will recommend supplements, creams, or a combination of treatments to cure dark circles under the eyes. 


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How can I Prevent Dark Circles?

You can take care of your eyes and prevent dark circles only if you are consistent about it. Sometimes, some lifestyle changes are the only effective way to treat dark circles. To prevent them, make sure you: 

  • Eat healthy 
  • Drink enough water
  • Workout often
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take care of your skin 
  • Limit your screen time 

How to Cure Dark Circles at Home? 

Many people do not visit a doctor for dark circles. They either accept the condition or try to reduce them by experimenting with home remedies. These therapies do not necessarily remove dark circles. Even if they do, they provide a short-term solution depending on the cause. 

However, if you have dark circles due to tiredness, you may try these remedies to pamper your eyes a little extra: 

Cold Therapy 

A cold compress can reduce the swelling under the eyes and shrink dilated blood vessels. The process can alleviate dark circles and reduce puffiness. You can also use chilled tea bags, chilled teaspoons, frozen peas, or ice wrapped in a washcloth. 

Extra Sleep 

Lack of sleep is a prime cause of dark circles. In the same way, if you get enough sleep, it will eliminate your dark circles caused by lack of sleep.

Extra Pillow 

Elevating the head by using extra pillows prevents puffiness under the eyes. It may also help in reducing the dark circles under the eyes. 

Is there any Proven Medical Treatment for Dark Circles? 

Yes, there are permanent solutions to dark circles. When you visit a doctor, s/he will look for the causes and your concerns and suggest  the correct treatment. 

Some of the common treatments for dark circles are: 

  1. Laser surgery to re-surface the skin and enhance skin tightening
  2. Chemical peels to decrease pigmentation
  3. Medical tattoos to inject pigment into thinning skin regions
  4. Tissue fillers to conceal blood vessels and melanin causes skin discoloration beneath your eyes.
  5. Fat removal to remove excess fat and skin, revealing a smoother and more even surface
  6. Surgical implants of fat or synthetic products

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Dark circles are curable with numerous home remedies and medical treatment. To treat dark circles under eyes, check with your doctor to suggest the best option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which vitamin is good to cure dark circles? 

Vitamin E is good for dark circles as it has the most skin benefits as a vitamin. Vitamin E can be available in the form of a capsule, oil, and cream. You can use them as per your skin type and health condition after consulting with your doctor.

Why do I have sudden dark circles? 

Reasons for sudden dark circles can be an exhausting day, a sleepless night, or stress. In all cases, you should take some rest and relax your body and mind. 

What is the permanent treatment of dark circles under the eyes?  

To remove the dark circles permanently, you can go with any medical treatment that claims to do the same. Laser surgery can be one option. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor to figure out the best solution for you.