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Effective surgical procedures to treat breast cancer

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Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that is affecting women today. Occasionally, it even occurs among men. India has seen an alarming rise of the incidence of breast cancer in the recent decades. The month of October has been internationally designated as the breast cancer awareness month, recognising the seriousness of this condition which is taking a toll on women, both young and old, everywhere. With advances in the field of medicine and cutting-edge technology, better knowledge and awareness regarding the condition, the survival rate of patients diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing, which is a testimony to the success of modern medicine and breakthrough treatments.

One of the treatments for breast cancer involves surgery and that is again dependent on the age of the individual, the stage of the cancer, the rate at which the cancer cells spread and other factors, which are analysed by a surgical oncologist.


Mastectomy: This form of surgery involves removal of the entire affected breast.
Breast conserving surgery is of two types. Partial Mastectomy involves wide local excision of the breast cancer mass along with surrounding normal tissue, while in Quadrantectomy a smaller portion of the cancer affected breast is removed with surgery.
Most of the BCS (Breast Conserving Surgery) are day care procedures, which is a boon for women suffering from breast cancer. They can save a lot of time in terms of post-operative care and the lower cost of this treatment is one more added advantage. This enables the patient to get back to his/her home quickly and spend time with their loved ones, which also boosts their self-esteem and reduces the chances of depression.


As a part of breast surgery where the identification of primary draining lymph node using special dyes in selected cases eliminates the necessity of performing complete removal of nodes. This helps in reducing the morbidity of post-operative pain and swelling of the arm following surgery.


This is an advanced medical procedure where breast implants [silicone /water gel] is usually placed behind the muscle of the chest. Pre-pectoral implants represent a new and less painful procedure, which enables quick recovery of the patients. Moreover, the entire surgery can be done simply through a smaller incision, making the whole process less invasive.


This is a natural alternative to breast implants which involves using the patient’s own tissues [skin, fat and muscle] to replace the breast tissue that has been lost following cancer surgery. Therefore, it gives a natural feel and look to the patient without any uncomfortable sensation of a foreign body or an implant.


The treatment of cancer and the recovery rate is overall satisfactory with early detection of cancers, particularly due to advances in surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and an active physical lifestyle, for better treatment outcomes. Being positive and exercising daily release of Endorphins, which are chemicals released by the body that reduce the perception of pain and also trigger a positive feeling in the body, making a person feel relaxed and happy. Strong family support system plays an important role for the overall health and recovery of the patient, thereby significantly impacting the efficacy of advanced and modern treatment.

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