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Figuring out Chest Pain

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Pain in the chest can give worries to all of us. We tend to associate it with that one thing – Heart Attack. At times, we just wait in fear for the pain to subside, and at times we rush to the hospital to get an ECG done. It is normal to associate chest pain with heart attack, and it is good to have such a fear. However, one has to know about the exact nature of the chest pain before getting paranoid.

There are many types of chest pain and many causes. For some things there is need for concern. Some things don’t demand rushing to the emergency care. It is found that most of the cases of ER visits are due to chest pain.

One can have chest pain that is not related to the heart! One may have chest pain due to issues in the lungs, ribs, muscles, esophagus, and nerves. Chest pain can also be right sided and left sided. It can occur from the neck to the upper abdomen.

Chest pain sensations:

● Tight and crushing pain.
● Dull pain.
● Sharp pain.
● Stabbing pain.
● Ache.
● Burning sensation.

What causes Chest pain?

Heart-related Causes:

Heart Attack.
● Angina Pectoris.
● Aortic Dissection.
● Cardiomyopathy.

Pain is certainly a cause for concern as it might be related to some heart ailment. One has to look out for other symptoms that occur simultaneously. These are:

● Tightness or pressure in chest.
● Jaw, arm, or back pain.
● Light-headedness.
● Dizziness.
● Shortness of breath.
● Abdominal pain.
● Fatigue.

If you experience any of these symptoms along with chest pain, you have to immediately rush to a hospital. Apollo Hospitals has some of the best cardiac surgeons in the country. Call 1066 immediately!

Gastrointestinal causes:

GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease)
● Esophageal problems.
● Inflammation of the pancreas.
● Gallstones.

Lung-related causes:

● Viral Bronchitis.
● Pneumothorax.

Muscle-Related causes:

● Injuries to the ribs or muscles.
● Pressure on a nerve.
● Chronic pain syndrome.

Other simultaneous symptoms that suggest it’s not a heart issue:

● Acidic taste in mouth.
● Pain during swallowing.
● Pain depends upon body position.
● Pain related to breathing and coughing.
● Pain comes with a rash.
● Pain increases by pushing on the chest.
● Back pain that radiates to the chest.

Apart from heart ailments, there are many other causes for left-sided heart pain including stress, diabetes, obesity, kidney stones, and pain in the spleen. Right-sided chest pain is not a cause for panic, but is certainly a cause for concern.

Reasons for right-sided chest pain:

● Indigestion.
● GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease).
● Food blockages.
● Viral Infections.
● Gallbladder infections.
● Inflammation of the pancreas.
● Inflammation of liver.
● Lung diseases.

In any case, chest pain is something that cannot be neglected. If you feel that you have had some kind of symptoms before, you can get yourself evaluated now. Better late than never! Consult the best cardiologists of the country at Apollo Hospitals. You can even consult our doctors online. Book your appointment for online consultation here.

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