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Five of the best brain foods

    • Oily Fish: Omega 3 fatty acid are ideal for healthy brain function as it helps to build brain cell membranes. This Omega 3 fatty acid naturally occurs in fishes like Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel. It is an essential nutrition recommended for pregnant mothers and children for early brain development.
    • Blueberries: Eating blueberries will improve memory and it is the safest way to boost brain power. It is rich in antioxidants when compared to other commonly eaten fruits.

Five Of The Best Brain Foods

  • Pumpkin seed: Rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and zinc ,Pumpkin seed helps to improve brain power by enhancing memory and focus. Eating these seed raw is best to relive stress and to maintain mental health.
  • Avocado: Being a single seeded berry avocado is highly nutritious. It is high in monosaturated fatty acids and helps to keep the brain cell membrane flexible. It prevents from memory loss disorders.
  • Dark Chocolate: Eating dark chocolate boost your mood with the chemicals called endorphins. It helps to reduce stress and increase blood flow to the brain which will enhance the memory and problem solving skills.
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