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Future of Skin Care is About Reversible Changes

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With advances in technology , high-tech experts are turning the impossible into possible in various fields and skincare is no exception. The field of skin care too is bringing new innovations, technology and skin treatments into the picture. Hi-tech skin care is getting better by the day. From virtual dermatology to new Botox procedures to instant modifications, the latest science in skin-tech can help change your appearance or keep you looking younger for longer. Here is a sneak peek into what is new and promising in the future of skin care.

The latest updates and advancements in skin technology

Curiosity and continued quality research help to make headways in innovation. Likewise, the investigation into healthy skin has brought upon newer developments in skin medication and technology. Just like new discoveries from scientific studies, these innovations are often executed in laboratories. Here is the latest news on what is viable, useful and not-so-permanent in the future of human skin care.

  • Cosmetic methodology for the dedicated but commitment-shyIf you are interested in giving that picture-perfect nose a try, but you are skeptical about going under the knife for a permanent change, you need not fret. One of the best and most standout plastic surgery developments have been the ‘nonsurgical rhinoplasty’. It makes the use of temporary fillers to reshape the nose and bring about astounding results. It comes with a risk of visual deficiency and damage. Everybody might not be an ideal candidate for this procedure. But it is temporary and provides instant results. However, this minimally intrusive technique should be solely done in the hands of qualified professionals.
  • A new form of Botox with a shorter lasting effect :In case you have always kept your distance from ‘Botox’ in fear of an expression-less face, here is a better choice for you. This new type of Botox is a new alternative having a shorter span of effectiveness and quicker outcomes. This is a different serotype of botulinum which functions quite similar to a traditional Botox. It has an action that onset within 24 hours but with much shorter action duration of two to four weeks. Plastic surgery specialists are considering this to be perfect for first-time Botox users. This temporary treatment is apt for all those who are seeking a last minute treatment prior to a big event or even those who are not that keen to wait for three months. Traditional Botox needs at least three to five days to start working as opposed to 24-hour time span of this newer alternative.
  • Skin-tech imaging software:Virtual imaging is doing a lot as far as skin technology is concerned. Digital imagery is highly manipulative, powerful and accessible today – starting from medical 3D modeling to photo-editing applications. You could just tap on your phone screen and see what your nose would look like after a procedure. This software provides the cosmetic surgeons more sophisticated tools during their planning stage and eventually the facial reconstructive surgeries. So, rather than taking a photo of a famous celebrity’s lips or nose to your surgeon, you can use your own tweaked photos for proper consultation. These edited images are a micro-optimized version of your own face and that makes the job easier.
  • Sophistication and accuracy:With these newer technological features and ‘micro’ efforts, both patients and doctors are gaining the much-needed sophistication and refinement. The procedures of cosmetic surgery are becoming much more natural. For example, now a lip augmentation is a lot more than plumping of lips. There is a new procedure known as the ‘lip lift’ which shortens the separation between your nose and upper lip. This lifts up your lips and gives a better shape to the Cupid’s bow. And as one ages, this area actually protracts, thus not ending up looking unnatural or cosmetic.
  • Safer, quicker and more successful treatments:Though it is not newly introduced, microneedling is rapidly becoming a standard procedure for skin evolution. It is considered to be one of the best skin tightening treatments. It has extended at-home alternatives, lesser drawbacks and more advanced tech choices for the dermatologists. Treatments combining microneedling and radiofrequency have been released in the recent year. Microneedling rollers which can be used at home are effective in reducing skin texture, pigmentation and scarring. However, dermatologists also suggest that any procedure which involves puncturing the skin should be done at a specialist’s office in a sterilized condition.
  • New at-home options without the risk of sepsis:There are plenty of new at-home options that you can try out without having to be apprehensive about clinics and operation theatres. You could use at-home LED products which help to address acne and redness. You can even get chemical acid peels with better potent formulations in chemists and drugstores.


Newer studies and research lead to newer innovations which make the skin look more comforting and results natural looking. People are increasingly gravitating towards skin tech treatments due to their quicker and less-permanent nature. Along with dermatologists and plastic surgeons helping you to look just like how you want; the future of skin tech is moving towards you, bringing more control, lessor efforts and wonderful results with it.

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