Happy Mother’s Day!


A woman is one of the greatest creations on earth. Every stage of her life is a marvel, she is born to spread happiness, grows up to emanate beauty, and then comes the most beautiful phase of her life, motherhood. It is as special to the mother as it is to the child.

We are all blessed with the most perfect gift we could have ever asked for… Mother. Being a mother is every woman’s dream and having a loving mother is a blessing to every child.

Motherhood is something that comes with equal amounts of joy and pain.

mother's day

It is just a matter of a few months where an independent, carefree woman turns a dependent, responsible person who has to keep watching each and every step she takes.She carries a tiny being inside her for 9 months, eats for the baby,sleeps for it, walks for it, and even talks with it.


This is how motherhood changes every woman. Even after enduring 9 months of joy, stress, pain and labour, a mother has a warm smile for her child. This is just one example of the compassion that a mother has.

A mother is the one who dedicates her life for her child and never asks for anything in return. Right from nurturing the baby in the womb to making her child a healthy person, a mother takes up all the responsibility. But her duty does not end there. She is also the one who teaches what life is and stands behind the success of her kids.


Women are generally adept at multi tasking. But when she becomes a mother, she literally does the ball juggling. She takes complete care of her new born as a mother, she looks after the needs of her family as the head of the family, she manages her subordinates and colleagues at the workplace as a manager, all this and never complaining even once.

She does so much for her children but when it comes to taking care of herself, a mother is always negligent. But this mother’s day is going to be different.

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