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Healthy Food Choices for Summer

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Despite the high temperature, summertime is always a fun time for many, especially children owing to their vacations and adults too, as they take time off from work to travel to some cooler destinations with family and friends. However, like all seasons, summer to has its darker side. The rising temperature comes much heat-related illness that affects people who do not take care to protect themselves from heat. Diet plays a vital role in keeping you healthy during summer. Discover what is best for you to keep you healthy and happy this summer.

Lime water (‘Nimboopani’ in Hindi): In summer, everyone naturally goes for lime water as it gives a very cooling effect and also offers numerous health benefits. In summer, it helps treat various health disorders like dehydration, heartburn, and nausea all of which, are common in this season. Lime water with a little honey or sugar, salt and cumin powder (for taste), can replenish the body has lost salts due to sweat. Lime comprises of vitamin C, which is important to improve the immunity of the body. Besides, sugar increases the glucose levels instantly giving you a refreshed feeling.

Coconut water: Drinking coconut water and reducing oily foods can boost your health in summer. Coconut water is anti-aging and contains electrolytes, an important mineral. It is considered a remarkable natural cooler that is filled with nutrients like minerals and salts, which is good, especially in summer. It has minerals like electrolytes and simple sugars that hydrates the body. It also reduces the risk of some cancers as well.

Watermelon: Melons like musk melon or watermelon are very cooling. They also have antioxidant properties that can help in your overall wellness. Watermelon helps the digestive system and also keeps you hydrated. Your body may also get regular nutrients if you drink a glass of ice-cold watermelon juice regularly. Besides drinking water, consumption of water-based fruits does a lot of good to the system during summer. 

Yogurt (‘Dahee’ in Hindi): Yogurt, whichever way you take it, should not be skipped in summer as it gives a cooling effect to our system. Be it in the form of a salad, smoothie, with fruits or just plain yogurt, it offers essential nutrients like probiotic, protein, calcium, vitamins (A, D) and other nutrients. A glass of lassi or buttermilk before stepping out in the sun can surely prevent you from dehydration. In addition, yogurt also provides relief from ulcers, allergies and heat boil that are common in summer.

Gulkhand: Made with sugar and rose petals together with a few traditional herbs and spices, gulkhand is a hidden gem from the Indian kitchen. It prevents disease and keeps skin glowing and fresh throughout the summer. Rich in polyphenols, phytonutrients and probiotics, gulkhand is so tasty you that will have a problem thinking about it as a therapeutic product. Start your day by having a teaspoon of gulkhand or having a half teaspoon of it with lunch and/or dinner.

Green vegetables: Although green vegetables are good for health throughout the year, it is highly recommended during the summer as they have nutrients and high water content. Eat as many green vegetables as possible, for optimum health in summer. However, do not overcook green vegetables as overcooking can drain out the natural water and nutrients they contain.

Green raw mango (Aam Panna in Hindi): Green raw mango or ‘aam panna’ is another healthy fruit that has good amount of minerals and vitamin C. Drinking juice made from raw mango is summer is extremely beneficial for health as it reduces the loss of iron, sodium chloride, and minerals and in the body. In summer, the human body needs a lot of nutrition and water to make it up for the loss of essential salts and minerals from the body and, raw mango actually fulfills this need. Raw mango is not only refreshing for the body but is also known to prevent stomach disorders like indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery and morning sickness.


In summer season, light food should be preferred that can be digested easily. Avoid, junk and oily food like burgers, pizzas, samosas, etc.

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