Heart Disease Myths

Heart Disease Myths

Heart disease is one of the leading killers of people around the world yet there are still lots of myths and misconceptions about heart disease and its prevention.

 Some of these myths include:

  1. You can only get heart disease if you are genetically disposed to it. While genetics may play a role in developing heart disease, most people develop it due to poor lifestyle choices like smoking, wrong diet or a lack of exercise.
  2. Chest pain is the only sign of heart disease. Chest pain is a symptom of the onset of a heart attack but it is not the only one. And not all chest pain indicates a heart attack coming.
  3. Good cholesterol will balance out bad cholesterol. Even if you have a good level of HDL cholesterol, your body may still be depositing bad cholesterol from LDL in your arteries which can result in heart disease.
  4. Women should not worry about heart disease. Although men tend to develop heart disease at younger ages than women, statistics show that more women die from heart disease every year than men.
  5. Eating certain foods will eliminate heart disease. Although certain diets are beneficial to your health, no one food will eliminate heart disease, they may just lower the risk.

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