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How to improve brain health with Probiotics ?

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Brainy Probiotics

Do you know the microbes in your gut could be the key to improve your brain health?
But, how are the brain and gut connected?
The gut and the brain have the ability to communicate via nervous system through a connecting vagus nerve.

What affects the gut also affects the brain and vice versa.
1.Brain senses trouble
2.Sends warning signals to the gut
3. Resulting in stress can cause digestive problems
4. Flares of gastrointestinal issues can trigger brain health

How probiotics fit in the gut-brain connection?
Most of the neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain are also produced by gut microbes that regulate brain health.

Probiotics can treat
● Stress
● Mood Disorders
Alzheimer‘s Disease

Food sources for Probiotics
• Curd
• Kaanji
• Raw cheese
• Buttermilk
• Soy milk
• Dosa & uttapam

Shocking Facts

  • The Gut is called as the “Second-Brain”
  • 90%neurotransmitters is produced in the digestive tract

Probiotics intake is a promising way to maximize health benefits. Talk to your doctor today to know more about probiotics.

Learn more about Probiotics & Brain Health here – https://www.askapollo.com/health-library/living-healthy/probiotics-and-brain-health

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