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Importance of Hydration to Your Heart

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The heart is very fundamental to human life. It is known to perform a whole lot of operations that our body depends on; blood transportation and circulation being the most prominent one. Because of this, every individual ought to take proper care of their hearts.

Of many practices that are helpful to the heart, hydration is one of the most important. Hydration, which is the process of providing an adequate amount of water to the body to aid metabolism, is of much importance to the body and to the heart. Even plants and animals need water for their daily activities. It is therefore pertinent to note as humans who wish to stay healthy, that we should always take enough water, although this may vary considerably depending on the environment, activities, and the genetic make-up of individuals.
Whenever you drink enough water, it hydrates your heart and helps it to pump blood more easily, preventing any form of congestion, aiding even the work of the muscles associated with the heart.

On the other hand, when the body is not properly hydrated, the consequence is that the heart will also not be properly hydrated. This will, in return, affect the performance of the heart in pumping and circulating blood around the body. Dehydration tends to put the heart under strain by increasing the body temperature, and also reducing the average blood flow; thereby, increasing the work the heart has to do and ultimately increasing the heart rate. It is not far-fetched that an increased heart rate may raise blood pressure and lead to heart ailments.

In addition to the benefits the heart derives when we drink water, water is also rich in certain minerals that are helpful to the heart. Alkaline water, for example, is rich in Magnesium and Calcium. Although, water is not the only source of such nutrients, the body, however, extracts these nutrients from water 30% faster than it will from foods or any other source of these nutrients. It is even a proven fact that no matter how difficult it is for a body to extract nutrients from food, it will still find it easier to extract the same nutrients from the water.

Conclusively, drinking water has immense benefits to the heart and the whole body. In fact, our longevity as individuals is largely dependent on the health and functionality of the heart. As people who want to live long and stay fit, we ought to integrate such principles in our daily routines and stay heart healthy.

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