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Is Massage therapy safe?

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During this time of the COVID -19 pandemic, it is advised not to leave your home and it is also not safe for either the massage therapist or you. Social distancing and staying at home are crucial to protect yourself against the coronavirus. You can try self-massage techniques at home.

I have a serious tooth problem I need to see a dentist is it possible to visit a dentist in COVID lockdown time?

COVID19 has the potential to spread through droplets and aerosols from infected individuals in dental clinics and hospitals. Routine dental visits can be delayed. However Dental care at Apollo Hospitals is always available. For emergency care, please call 1800-500-1066. Appointments may also be fixed through the Apollo 24/7 app.

In this environment due to coronavirus, can we use air conditioner in house

It has been a matter of debate if Airconditioners and lower temperatures may help the novel coronavirus to spread . However, The World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), has stated that Coronavirus has no direct relation with temperature as there have been outbreaks in hot areas as well as cold areas. Doctors have also clarified that using ACs at home will not make any difference to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Is it safe to go to physical therapy during coronavirus?

Yes, you can go for physiotherapy, provided you are not having any symptoms of COVID -19 infection such as fever, cough, etc. You should wear a mask and use a hand rub after the treatment. The physiotherapist will also be using the sanitizer, mask, and gloves while attending to you. Apollo Hospitals has all the safety protocols in place for protecting patients and staff from COVID -19 and is also open 24/7. You could call the helpline at 1860 500 1066 in case of any further queries.

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