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Kiss Your Knee Problems Goodbye!

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A One-Stop Destination Evening Clinic for Joint Ailments

Common Orthopaedic issues plague may among us. People who silently suffer the bane of painful movement, inability to exercise, inflamed joints and deteriorating bone health can be found in many households. What if they found a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in this area and are a one-stop knee clinic for sports injuries?  Where a senior Orthopaedic surgeon is available to take care of their knee issues and address their problems exclusively.

Are you busy at work? Are you lacking enough time to visit a hospital during office hours? Looking for an evening Knee clinic with convenient timings from 5 pm to 9 pm?

Apollo Clinic offers such a place where treatments are available at a chosen convenient time.

Frequently Asked Queries:

  • “I want to take a second opinion for knee pain and instability and doctors advised me to go for surgical intervention for my ligament tear? What are my options?”

-ACL AND PCL tears are common in knee injuries leading to instability. The fact is that ligaments don’t have a blood supply, therefore natural healing doesn’t occur easily, leading to instability which will eventually cause Arthritis.
At Apollo Hospital they have the most advanced “All Inside ACL & PCL Reconstruction” which helps the patients to get back to sports.

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  • “I am 35, I play lots of sports, but in the last two years I gave up because of knee pain. I had visited many doctors and have been diagnosed with cartilage damage and was told that there is no cure. What should I do now?”

-Knee cartilage doesn’t have self-healing capacity. So traditionally doctors were treating the patients with medications without any proper benefits.
Now it’s possible to grow new cartilage and cure cartilage problems permanently with excellent results. In this way, we can prevent Arthritisin the Knee.

  • My mother is 57 and she has been suffering from severe knee pain. Most doctors advise us to go for Knee Replacement. She is diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. I am worried about complications of surgery?

The number of knee replacement done every year is increasing and so are the complications like infections, blood clots and persistent pain after surgery. The main reason is operating at an early stage when it is not required. So the patient should come to a tertiary healthcare centre like Apollo and take a second opinion. Apollo has highly experienced and senior doctors available round the clock to take care of any complication.
They are pioneers in Computer Navigated Knee Replacement and Oxinium and person-specific knee replacement. Surgeries are performed by senior surgeons only.

We have the Best Orthopaedics in India, a trusted team at Apollo Hospitals to help you fight your Orthopaedic Problem.

Visit Ask Apollo to book an appointment with Dr Madhan Thiruvengada, top Orthopaedics in India.

“If you have any query then please feel free to mention in the comments section below, our doctors will be glad to help you.”

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