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Lay Stress On Living A Healthy Life Style

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Over the years, many severe diseases have been affecting the younger generations. So much so that some of these diseases have become a part and parcel of our daily lives and are preventing us from living our lives to the fullest. Here are a few such diseases that are a matter of serious concern in India:

Obesity: This is the mother of all lifestyle diseases.

Type II Diabetes: Soon India will be the ‘diabetes capital of the world’. One of the key reasons for its rise in recent times has been lifestyle-related factors.

Heart diseases: Smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol contribute to the development of this condition. India ranks No. 1 when it comes to cardio patients with 50 million people suffering from it.

High blood pressure: Millions of Indians suffer from high blood pressure. Some most common reasons for high blood pressure are obesity, stress, unhealthy eating habits including genetic factors.

Cancer: Due to today’s stressful lifestyles, our body’s immunity has decreased and this has led to irregular cell growth in our body that can be termed as cancer. Cancers are caused due to a number of factors such as prolonged smoking (lung cancer), too much exposure to the sun (skin cancer) and so on.

Stroke: When the blood vessel carrying blood to the brain has a blockage, it leads to an oxygen deficiency in the area of the brain it carried blood to, the result of this is called stroke. High blood pressure, if not treated in time too can lead to a stroke. Stroke can also be caused due to hereditary reasons.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPB): COPB is caused by the permanent obstruction of airways. An increase in air pollution due to gas leaks and smoking can worsen this condition.

Cirrhosis: Cirrhosis can be defined as a group of liver disorders. Liver can be severely affected by heavy alcohol consumption and chronic hepatitis. Cirrhosis has become a common lifestyle disease as many individuals consume alcohol regularly, on a daily basis, to deal with stress.

Nephritis: When swelling in the kidneys leads to its abnormal function, it is known as nephritis. One of the major causes of nephritis is allergic reaction due to medication. It can also be caused due to bacteria entered in the body through unhygienic street foods.


Diet and physical activity play a key role in preventing these diseases. And when identified, medications can help treat these conditions.

Stress management and other activities such as music, dance, books, and meditation etc. too are useful in treating these conditions.

Increasing awareness through social media and motivating public to understand the importance of intermittent health check-ups are important social responsibilities of the healthcare providers. But ultimately, every individual is the sculptor of his own body and mind!

Dr Sreekanth Jaganmani,

MBBS, Diploma in Ophthalmology, MD – Internal Medicine, FMGEMS, P.L.A.B,

Consultant, Internal Medicine

Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills,

Verified By Apollo General Physician

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