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Low Calorie Sweeteners – To Have or Not to

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Sticking to your weight loss routine can be tough, especially if you’re out for a party, and you see everyone around you gorging on those gulab jamuns and relishing that creamy chocolate cake, and all you get to do is watch them do it.

Tackling the temptation for sweet is something that makes most dieters get weak in the knees, and that has caused the emergence of low-calorie sweeteners. But are these sweeteners really a good choice? Find out just that and more. Read on…

The Benefits of Artificial Sweeteners

One of the major benefits of choosing an artificial sweetener to satisfy your taste buds is that they are low in calories, which could help you lose weight faster. Many diabetics also have to restrict themselves to low calorie diets, and these sweeteners could actually help them get a taste of their favorite sweet indulgences without the guilt.

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Another great benefit of choosing artificial sweeteners is that you will be able to control your sweet temptations better, without messing up with your diet (or blood glucose levels if you are a diabetes patient). In fact, there are certain artificial sweeteners that don’t even cause tooth decay.

The Downside of Artificial Sweeteners

Recent studies have found how artificial sweeteners are actually harmful for health. For starters, they lack important nutrients, and contain phosphoric acid, which is thought to increase the risk of bone loss later in life.

It has also been found that regular consumption of foods that contain artificial sweetening agents could increase your taste for sweet drinks and foods over the years- you will then have to consume larger quantities of the food to satisfy your curb for something sweet.

Artificial sweeteners are also thought to be linked to the following conditions:

The Bottom Line

There is no valid, long term study to suggest the safety of these artificial sweeteners. In fact, a lot of practitioners believe they could be actually more harmful for diabetic patients than regular sugar.

Experts suggest that it is better to eat a small portion of food with regular sugar than to consume something that contains artificial and low calorie sweeteners.

The FDA has laid down a set of guidelines for the safe use of artificial sweeteners. Following these guidelines and restricting the use of this artificial sweetener is also recommended.

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