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Minimally Invasive Surgery An Effective Option To Fix Achilles Tear

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Dr P Sharat Kumar,
MS MCh Orth (UK) Dip SEM GB&I,
Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Consultant
Apollo Health City; Jubilee Hills

Minimally invasive techniques in ankle and foot surgery have become popular over the years. And, in case of Achilles tendon tear, it is truly the best option. The Achilles tendon is the strongest and also the largest tendon in our body. A tear or rupture of the tendon can happen with a sudden stretch or strain of the tendon, which results in a loud ‘pop’ sound and pain in the back of the heel/ankle. Individuals with raptured tendon will often get the feeling of being hit or kicked in the back of their leg. Ranging from few hours to few days, after a short period of time, the pain can resolve since the tendon is torn completely and does not assume any further strain, which makes some individuals feel they do not have an injury. However, a feeling of weakness with push off and difficulty with single heel raise persists.

Repair of the Achilles tendon tear or rupture is very important for proper function of foot and ankle. It is rare not to repair a rapture and the only cases of conservative care are generally in poor surgical candidates including those patients who have a sedentary lifestyle. In order to return to full activity, surgical repair of the tendon is essential. Doctors from Apollo Health City now perform a minimally invasive Achilles tendon repair as a day case and the patients have recovered fully.

Narasimha Reddy, 60, has been suffering from diabetes and hypertension for more than 10 years. He sustained complete Achilles tendon rupture when he landed on an uneven surface and MRI confirmed the condition. Traditional open surgery involves about 6 to 8 cm cut and tendon ends are exposed and sutured. Wound-related complications such as superficial and deep infection, delayed healing and wound adhesions are common. Conservative management in plaster is associated with higher re-rupture of Tendo-Achilles. To avoid these complications, minimally invasive surgery was performed using six stab incisions to bring the torn ends together which suture the knot away from the torn site. Further damage to paratenon, which is a delicate sheath over the tendon, is avoided which can compromise healing.


Minimally invasive surgery have many advantages such as decrease in wound complications, reduced surgery time, better cosmetic appearance and early recovery. Dr P Sharat Kumar, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who performed this surgery feels tendo-Achilles ruptures are common orthopaedic injuries and this minimally invasive procedure has better clinical outcome and guaranteed patient satisfaction. It is now the preferred choice of surgery that is cost-effective and can be done safely as a day case.

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