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Pets Make Your Kids Healthier

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Have you ever ask yourselves why people especially kids love being around pets or even strive towards having one for themselves? It all comes down to this prevalent attraction that has long been between humans and animals. You would, however, be surprised that different people happened to be attracted to different types and species of animals and accommodate them as pets. For instance, as a resident in India, so many individuals have the privilege of having pets which include dogs, birds, cats, fishes, and you would be surprised to see snakes in that category. Nevertheless, this piece will be focusing on how pets can make kids healthier; you may be wondering if this is possible. Yes, it is totally possible for pets to enhance a kid’s health; in fact, according to Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, pets can be used to help children battling with psychiatric disorders through what is known as pet assisted therapy (PAT). In addition to that the following highlighted factor can as well be of immense importance in making kids healthier

How pets make kids healthier

  • A happy kid is a healthy kid.

Diverse research has validated the fact that happiness helps boosts immune system which protects the human body from diseases. It is also important to know that the happiness talked about here is not the type that can be faked. Here is a vital advice; stylishly request that your kids tell you what type of Pets they would like to have, you would discover how happy they would be at that moment, then imagine how happier they would be when they finally get to have the Pets. So, real happiness boost immune system and excellent immune system leads to kids’ improved health.

  • Prevention of allergies

There has always been the concern of children experiencing diverse cases of allergies. Fortunately for some, the cause of such allergies are discovered, and they are able to follow guidelines on how to avoid involving in what might lead to the allergic situation, but for other, this is not so. However, due to findings, kids have been known to come in contact with some form of bacteria on pet’s, and when this happens, their immune system springs into action to prevent any form of contamination. The immune system then goes further by fortifying it’s defense system, therefore making children more immune to any type of unforeseen allergies.

  • Exercising

Findings over time has revealed that staying physically active helps the body function well. Excessive fat and weight are among the factors that hinder effective performance of the body, however, exercising the body through involvement in various sporting activities or indulging in tasks that require frequent moving around happens to help with wieght and fat reduction in the human system; therefore enhancing performance of the body for healthy living. And when you give a child a pet, you’ve indirectly provided that child a means of exercising because he/she would have to take the pet for walks or running as the case may be. This makes the child engage in adequate exercise that would result in healthy life.

It is, however, vital to do some little findings to identify what type of pet your kids prefer, this is because as little as kids are, they have their different personalities which go a long way in determining their taste. So, don’t just conclude that all kids love certain pets. But all in all, pets are good for kids and as well contribute their quota in enhancing kids’ healthy living.


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