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Precision Oncology – A Revolutionary Approach To Cancer Care

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Precision Oncology is a personalised approach to treating cancer based on a patient’s individual genetic blueprint. Unlike traditional methods that treat cancer by disease type, precision medicine targets the “achilles heel” of the tumour by looking at specific cancer associated genes in cells or the genetic drivers that cause cancer. Specialised therapies are drafted to pinpoint and destroy the specific genetic abnormalities and mutations in a patient’s tumour, while sparing normal cells.

Genomic sequencing, a process used to determine the genetic blueprint of a patient’s cancer is used in precision oncology. The traditional methods of cancer treatment have some drawbacks

  • Limited knowledge on which treatment is going to work on heterogeneous tumours
  • Inaccessible tumours
  • Therapy failures
  • Diagnosis of early recurrence and prediction of recurrence

With precision oncology our physicians will plan therapy based on accurate diagnosis, including molecular genetics, Reduced toxicity, real-time monitoring during the treatment, personalization of chemo agents and offering the best drug combinations.

precision oncology Who is eligible for precise medicine?

The oncology team at Apollo will determine whether precise medicine is a viable option by reviewing the patient’s medical history, imaging scans, lab tests and treatment history. It is most often recommended to cancer patients who

  • Have active cancer that has failed standard treatment
  • Have a high risk of relapse or progression
  • Spend 50 percent or more of the day mobile and out of bed

What cancers can be treated with precise medicine?

We offer genomic sequencing for most liquid and solid cancers that have not responded to treatment. Some examples include:

Genomic sequencing is not offered to cancers that are responding to the current therapy. Do note that precision medicine is an effective alternative to standard chemotherapy for many patients, but it is not necessarily a cure. Our goal is to select the most appropriate therapy for your individual cancer so that you can enjoy improved health and a longer, better life.

Cancer maybe a ruthless disease. But Precision Oncology is here to revolutionise the way we diagnose, monitor and treat cancer. Unlike traditional practices, precision oncology diagnosis cancer from a genetic level. This makes diagnosis far more precise and comprehensive. Different elements of precision oncology apply to different tumours. Your doctor is the best to decide the course of treatment.

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