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Monsoon Diseases : General Precautions and Health Checkup

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Quick and simple tips to rain-proof yourself from diseases of monsoon season:

Have a Happy Monsoon. Stay safe from monsoon illness.

Indian monsoons usually bring relief from the summer heat but also get a host of vector, air-borne and water-borne diseases. Each year with changing seasons, there are different health challenges, and our bodies must be ready to face them, especially the extreme weather changes that accompany monsoon right away after the scorching summer. With rising climate change and humidity, individuals become more prone to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. There is an emerging fear of how these existing infections will act during the monsoons. We also observe a rise in the cases of COVID-19 in India. Monsoon brings multiple things with it like cool showers, greenery, and not to forget frightful infections and diseases, so rainy season precautions are needed.

A few weapons guards to fight against COVID-19 today are masks, sanitization, and vaccinations, with other COVID-19 suitable measures. However, the wet monsoons will undoubtedly cause many of those difficulties in the subcontinent. Apollo got you some handy tips and actions that will provide monsoon COVID-19 protection;

  • Keep an umbrella readily available if you’re heading out. This may protect you from getting thoroughly wet.
  • Keep spare masks if you’re outdoors and change your mask if it gets drenched in the rain. Avoid wearing a watery or wet mask. Face – shields additionally to masks can be used too.
  • Change your mask regularly to stop bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Continue to practice hygiene measures like washing your hands after every walk outdoors and before a meal.
  • Carry a sanitizer if you can’t find soap and water to wash your hands.
  • Keep some tissues readily available to avoid sneezing or coughing openly. Ensure safe disposal of used tissues.
  • Keep your house clean to stop dust, fungus, and bacteria. Deficient indoor air quality is related to rising respiratory diseases like allergies, asthma, etc.
  • Avoid wearing damp clothes. If you can’t sun-dry them, remove the dampness by using an iron or dryer.
  • Enter an air-conditioned room only you are dry to avoid illness.

General Precautions in Monsoon:

As we understand, the monsoon brings several diseases with it. Our body suddenly transitions from burning heat to a damp and rainy environment. Our bodies will take time to adapt to the new weather. In such a situation, the physical body is vulnerable to monsoon diseases, which is why we’d like to be more alert during monsoon. Diseases like malaria, dengue, and other water-borne infections are incredibly severe and may become life threatening in a few cases. We’d like to take preventive measures to keep these diseases and illnesses away. This will be done by using preventative measures. The due precaution to be taken to stop them are:

  • Drink many glasses of water. Prefer boiled water as drinking clean water is vital to prevent water-borne diseases.
  • Don’t forget to hold your umbrella and raincoat with you always.
  • Avoid getting wet in the rains.
  • Wear full-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks while visiting sleep.
  • Use mosquito repellent on the body.
  • Avoid eating raw foods during monsoon.
  • Before consuming, wash the vegetables and fruits properly with clean water.
  • Remember to require a bath every time you get wet in the rain or after coming home, as taking a bath helps normalize our body temperature.
  • Have warm water or herb tea. Keep your body dry and moderately consider avoiding colds and coughs.
  • Don’t enter A/C rooms with wet hair and moist clothes.
  • Dry your feet in case they get wet.
  • Don’t allow your children to play near water-filled puddles or stale water areas.
  • Avoid eating street food.
  • Eat fresh, home-cooked meals.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid drinking alcohol because it will decrease your immunity.

Monsoon Tips for Elder people to Stay Fit & Healthy:

The rainy season is a stressful time for the elderly population because they cannot go out or maintain their daily routine. The following are a few simple points and safety measures the elderly can follow to keep themselves safe:

  • Drink boiled water in adequate amounts as thirst levels can be low in this season. It is important to be hydrated.
  • Consume clean and freshly prepared homemade food. Avoid consuming outside food and water, especially near the stagnant area.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and sanitization to avoid infections. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating and after you’ve got visited the restroom.
  • Use mosquito repellent and nets as precautionary to vector-borne diseases.
  • Always carry an umbrella to protect yourself from getting wet.
  • Older people are more likely to trip or fall when walking through moist water or uneven roads. Wet bathrooms floor can be extremely slippery and roads can become uneven, broken, and slippery during the rains and are dangerous for the elderly. A fall can give serious injuries such as head injuries and fractures, which may necessitate surgical intervention.

A little effort on your part coupled with care and caution can help you enjoy this monsoon to its fullest. Happy Monsoon! 

Why do you need a health checkup in the monsoon?


You must be wondering, why need a checkup in the monsoon? Diseases like cholera, malaria and dengue are dangerous and can be fatal. For all the above reasons listed, it is necessary to have a health check during the monsoon. 

Apollo Proactive health checkup in monsoon is recommended because it gives you an insight into your overall health. Can avoid sickness with appropriate precautions and preventive measures.

A complete medical health checkup gives you an awareness of the changes happening in your body and thus prepares you to take the required steps without wasting time. Do not forget to consult a doctor and ask about the preventive measures to avoid diseases.

The rainy season is a time for fun and enjoyment; it is essential to look after our health. We should be prepared for the monsoon season so that we don’t suffer later and enjoy the eternal beauty of the season.

The Apollo Proactive health checkups have always been very effective. Awareness of these illnesses goes along with their early diagnosis and proper treatment.

A significant thing to remember here is to always take proper precautions to protect, especially during the rains. By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure the proper treatment of these diseases and stay healthy.

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