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Recent treatment options for Shoulder Pain

Hope for an Osteochondral Defect

A promising international football player was suffering from acute pain in his left knee joint, which started hindering his performance. Arthroscopy investigations revealed a cartilage defect measuring 3 cm x 2 cm – extreme enough to end his career. But hope arrived in the form of his coach, who learned of an advanced treatment available in India. He contacted RMS Regrow, who after evaluating the case, delivered good news –the CHONDRON® procedure could cure him.

An expert consultant in Arthritisand Sports Medicine performed the procedure. Nine months hence, the cartilage defect is completely healed, with new cartilage tissue being regenerated. Post recovery, he has resumed his training, with no pain or difficulty getting in the way of him playing international football again.

Beating a shoulder injury

A 21-year- old badminton champion experienced minor discomfort while moving his right shoulder. Soon, the pain turned unbearable. Accompanied by soreness, weakness, and swelling, it denied him a full range of motion and made sleeping impossible. His doctor diagnosed it as a Bankart lesion and recommended repair surgery. But even post-surgery, his shoulder continued to get worse even more and there was no shoulder pain relief.

An MRI discovered the evidence of significant chondral injury to the humerus. Not giving up on his ambitions, he consulted another orthopedic who recommended the CHONDRON® procedure. After processing his own healthy cartilage cells for 3-4 weeks in an RMS REGROW Laboratory, the cultured cells were implanted into the damaged site. Within 3 months, along with rehabilitation, his pain significantly reduced. Today, his undying spirit, with help from the CHONDRON® procedure, has made him a formidable state-level player.

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