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Senior Citizens and Diabetes Management

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Living with diabetes, when it can be managed effectively, can be tough at times. As you grow older, jumping over those hurdles may become more challenging but, it is not totally impossible. With age comes the growing risk for cartain complications. However, with diligence and care you can properly mitigate such risks.

So, what can senior citizens in India do, to enjoy a healthier and longer life, despite diabetes?


Food has been, and will always be the key factor in defining one’s health.  With advancing  years, one should seek the expertise of a good nutritionist to alter one’s diet, so that sugar based foods are phased out and replaced with healthier options. Though there’s no harm in indulging sometimes  cutting down on fried, oily and spicy foods is a must.

Monitor your sugar:

Invest in a home glucometer, so that you can keep tabs on your sugar levels at regular intervals. Keep a journal to jot down what you eat, and what the sugar levels are after that.

If you notice certain patterns, rectify them by changing your habits and food choices. For example, if your sugar drops around late evening, start having a fruit or small salad portion between meals.

Strengthen your bonds

Indian culture encourages friendships, family time and community involvement. Do spend time with their circle of friends every day, and nurture these bonds.

A good emotional support system can be fulfilling as well as enriching. Go beyond your immediate family, and build a circle of friends who will cheer you and encourage you. This will automatically impact your health in a good way, and keep your brain agile and alert. 

Hobbies and Passions:

Rekindle your love for art, gardening, table tennis, comic books and immerse yourself in it for 45 minutes to an hour every day. This is as healing as a 20-minute-deep meditation, because you are doing what brings you joy.  If some of these activities are slightly strenuous, do it with small breaks in between. You will find your sugar levels as close to normal as possible.

Pair this with some brisk walking, yoga, pranayam, mudras and meditation, and you will be surprised by the results. 

Important Numbers and Contacts

Keep a list of important contacts and their numbers handy, and make more than one copy. This includes a list of your family members, doctors and medicines. Mention where you keep your health related documents, so that no one panics if a situation arises. 

Look on the bright side:

Almost every family is dealing with health issues, relationship problems  and a sense of uncertainty. So, don’t let these things bother you or make you overthink. 

Instead, keep a Gratitude journal where you note down at least 10 good things that happen to you each week. Go back to this journal every time your spirits sag.

Whatever you do, put your physical and mental well-being first, so that you can enjoy a robust and active life for all years to come.

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