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What you Need to Know About Covid-19 Vaccines for Diabetic Patients

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Vaccination has come as a ray of hope in the country fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, a lethal disease threatening the world. 

Frontline workers and citizens above the age of 45 were covered under the first vaccination phase. But considering the severity of the second wave of the coronavirus, the Indian government made it available for everyone above 18. Many people embraced this decision by registering themselves and getting vaccinated. According to a recent survey, around 12.3+ million people registered via the Co-Win and Arogya Setu platform, which is still only 11.5 percent of India’s total population. 

As the demand for vaccination increases, certain myths are leading to people hesitating to register for vaccination. We would like to address these myths around COVID-19 vaccination, especially for people with Diabetes mellitus. 

Can a diabetic patient take the Covid vaccine?

People with chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, pulmonary, liver, or even kidney disease, can surely get themselves vaccinated. All they have to do is ensure their chronic infections are stable and under control as per their doctor’s recommendation. 

Are people with diabetes not getting themselves vaccinated? 

According to a recent survey, thousands of people with diabetes have been vaccinated safely, without any severe side effects. 

Is Covishield safe for diabetic patients?

The only side effects recorded were joint ache, muscle pain, fever, local rash, swollen glands, and mild redness at the injection site, which was resolved with proper medication and rest. 

Can diabetic patients take the Covid-19 vaccine in India?

Several vaccinations with different efficacy and safety rates have been released. A diabetes vaccine was released by experts at the Serum Institute of India, also known as the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. They tied up with AstraZeneca to develop Covisheild. It is available in India. Also, Covaxin is yet another vaccine developed in India in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research. It has been recognized by the government, and experts in the medical field confirm that the vaccine is safe and effective. So, if you are wondering, can sugar patients take the Covid vaccine, the answer is yes. 


Medical experts, doctors, and vaccine manufacturers recommend that diabetic patients register for vaccination to protect themselves from COVID-19. The vaccine will not affect sugar levels in a patient with diabetes. If your chronic diseases are under control, you should definitely get vaccinated.

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