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Simple Ways to Control your Blood Sugar!

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High blood sugar can result in diabetes if left unchecked. Diabetes, in turn, can severely impact

your health and lifestyle.

Here are 7 simple tips, which can help you control your blood sugar better:

  1. Eat healthy: The first step in regulating your sugar levels is cutting down on your carb intake. Excess intake of carbohydrates leads to insulin malfunction in the body, which in turn stops the sugars from reaching your cells, resulting in a rise of blood sugar levels. Simultaneously, you should also increase your fiber intake and eat fiber rich foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  2. Exercise regularly: Adding exercise to your daily routine will help your body use the sugar available in your bloodstream, thereby regulating your blood sugar levels naturally. So, pick an activity of your choice and get started right away!
  3. Keep yourself hydrated: If you haven’t been having the minimum recommended amount of 8 glasses of water a day, start now! Not only does water keep you hydrated, it also helps flush out excess sugar from the blood stream. Always choose water over aerated drinks or juices as the latter contain high amounts of sugar, thereby defeating the purpose.
  4. Shed that excess weight: Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight will help your body regulate its blood sugar levels, thereby reducing your risk of developing diabetes. Also, you should keep a watch on your waistline as excess fat around your stomach region could lead to insulin resistance, thereby paving the way for diabetes.
  5. Sleep more, stress less: Getting a good night’s sleep will not just have you ready to rule the world the next day, but it will also reduce your chances of developing diabetes. A poor sleep pattern can lead to weight gain due to increased appetite and lethargy, and hormonal imbalance, both of which can lead to increased blood sugar levels.
  6. Monitor your sugar levels: Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. This will help you make any required lifestyle changes and recognize the need to consult a doctor.

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