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The Perfect Water Substitutes for a Healthy Heart

It is a very well-emphasized fact that proper hydration sustains the heart’s health and longevity. Health analysts have shown that there is a certain percentage of water we get from every food we eat. For example, watermelon has about 92% water content. Drinking water, however, is still the best as well as the fastest means for the body to get hydrated easily.


It is not just water that makes the heart healthy and functioning. There are also a variety of trace nutrients which can enhance the heart’s performance and maintain its longevity. Some of these major nutrients are calcium, magnesium, but to mention a few. Although they are provided by a number of food and fruits we eat, the body may be unable to extract as much of it as it would need. Ideally, water would have been the best option to supply these nutrients; but, normal water lacks such nutrients. Therefore, the need to provide a better option.

Watermelon water is made from fresh watermelon (without its skin), and organic lemon. It provides sufficient hydration to the body; but, much more, it is electrolyte-filled, low in calories and also enjoyable in terms of its taste. It offers a lot of benefits to the body which includes: a rich supply of potassium, citrulline which reduces lactic acid buildup and boosts blood flow in muscle tissues. If all these are in place, then our heart would not be put under undue stress. Rather, it would have an environment to perform its tasks optimally.

Water Substitute

Another healthy water substitute is alkaline water. It is rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium, all from a natural blend of spring water and mineral water. Alkaline water has a pH of 7.4 which is higher than that of normal water; and can neutralize acid in the blood, enhance metabolism, absorb nutrients and slow down the aging process.

Apart from drinking enough water to keep ourselves healthy, it also helpful to drink these healthy alternatives to water.

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