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This Independence Day Let’s Pledge for Freedom from Diseases

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This Independence Day Let's Pledge for Freedom from Diseases
This Independence Day Let's Pledge for Freedom from Diseases

Today, as we are celebrating the 74th Indian Independence Day, COVID-19 continues to dominate our lives in an unprecedented manner.

While the country progressed at various levels, we are lagging behind in many critical health indicators compared to those countries having similar economic development, as per the Health Index 2019 published by NITI Aayog, India’s policy think tank.

India continues to be the home to the second-largest number of adults with Diabetes, while there is a menacing growth other non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cancer, hypertension, obesity, heart diseases, respiratory diseases and mental health, even among young people now.

The numbers released by the World Health Organization (WHO) about the prevalence of chronic conditions in India are quite appalling. There is a menacing growth of cancer and hypertension among young people. Almost 25% of Indian families have one heart patient and India has the highest number of heart attacks in the world.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), NCDs are already responsible for more than 70% of deaths globally. About 67% of Indians suffer from NCDS and close to 87% of COVID-19 fatalities are due to co-morbid conditions.

The irony is that a highly communicable disease like COVID-19 highlighted the dangers inherent in non-communicable diseases (NCDs).  But, majority of people in India needing regular care have put their routine health screenings and procedures on hold fearing COVID-19 infection.

It is no surprise now that people with one or more NCDs are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and are at higher risk of severe illness and death. Treatment delays, discontinuation of routine health check services and delay in treatment due to safety reasons has left them more at risk than ever.

Given their emerging links with COVID-19, addressing NCDs to identify and treat any underlying disease must be an essential part of the pandemic response.

Regular Preventive Health Checks can Save Lives

The good news is that the prevention of diseases is possible. Preventive measures such as following a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet, appropriate exercises and regular health checks help avoid diseases and saves lives.

Keeping a check on your health will not only assess your overall well-being but can also detect any disease or health risks before they strike. In fact, health checks can actually be life-saving, as they update us on how fit and healthy we are. Other advantages include:

  • Regular health checks detects many diseases at an early stage so you can take immediate steps and make informed decisions.
  • If a disease is detected early and treated immediately, it reduces the medical expenditure significantly. Besides, patients may get cured within lesser time and without much stress and pain.
  • Regular health checks makes us more aware of our body. It helps us plan a healthier lifestyle.
  • For those with a family history of a specific health condition, a precautionary health check can help keep the disease at bay for a long time.

Apollo ProHealth – A Proactive Health Management Program for Freedom from NCDs

At Apollo, we have always believed that knowledge is the greatest power one can possess and knowing any underlying disease can prove to be a life-saver in these difficult times, given that people with any underlying health conditions are at a much higher risk of complications arising out of COVID-19 pandemic.

In line with our mission of a healthier India, we are proud to present Apollo ProHealth, a specially curated personalised AI-enabled  health management 3-year program, hinged on the guiding principle of PREDICT, PREVENT and OVERCOME non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle diseases.

This unique program is the result of Apollo’s pioneering efforts in preventive care for over four decades. It has been created by a team of medical experts with vast knowledge and deep dedication to creating an NCD free world. The AI-enabled program brings technology & human elements together for a powerful predictive and personalized customized approach to health. Apollo ProHealth empowers individuals with actionable health analytics, to know and eradicate health risks, and, lead healthier & happier lives.

How safe is it to go for Apollo ProHealth?

Apollo Hospitals follows strict Patient Safety Protocols ensuring seamless experience in an infection-free, COVID-19 safe premises to keep you safe. Everyone who enters any Apollo Hospitals’ facility in India are screened thoroughly.

Employees are screened every day before being allowed into any of the facilities. Apart from this, makes use of technology for contact-less transactions to break the chain. Strict adherence to precautions like hospital entry only through prior appointment, contactless payments, online reviews & follow-ups are maintained to ensure zero wait times and social distancing. Stringent infection control protocols for the hospital premises are also in place.

Patients who may show symptoms of COVID-19, including those who enter through the Emergency Department for treatment, are separated and isolated so they are not in contact with patients who are there for non-COVID-19 related medical issues.

Apollo Hospitals also has a universal masking policy in place, which means everyone in any of the facilities, staff included, must wear a face mask at all times.

The Bottom Line

At Apollo, we believe “an ounce of prevention is worth a world of cure.” And, during this global pandemic when risks are at an all-time high, leaving medical conditions untreated can be devastating. Therefore, preventive care is the key to reduce your health risks. So, do not neglect well-being now when we are all at our most vulnerable times.

This Independence Day, let us celebrate Freedom from Diseases and embrace health and joy.

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