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What are the First Signs of Conjunctivitis?

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Conjunctivitis is popularly known as Pink Eye. It is an irritating condition in which the white part of the eyeball and the inner part of the eyelids get inflamed. This inflammation makes the blood vessels more visible and also affect the sclera of the eye. It gives the eye a pink or reddish color. Conjunctiva is the thin layer of cells that covers the front of your eye muscles

The main causes behind the pink eye or Conjunctivitis include Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, Irritants which infects or irritates the eye and eyelid lining. However, it is difficult to determine the exact cause of Conjunctivitis pink eye because of its signs and symptoms.

 Symptoms of Pink Eye

The first symptom of pink eye is a pink or red shade in your eyelids and the area of your eyes that is normally white. However, the symptoms may vary depending on specific conditions. You need to consult a healthcare provider if you experience:

  1. Eye redness – Because of the inflammation and blood vessels enlargement in the conjunctiva.
  2. A discharge –The cells present in the conjunctiva produce mucus and the tiny glands that produce tears become overactive and produces more water and mucus resulting in discharge

Firstly, only one of your eyes may get affected. However, the symptoms affect both of your eyes within a few hours. 

Infective Conjunctivitis

Viruses can infect the conjunctiva and are most common. Bacterial infections are less frequent. Infections are very contagious and can easily pass from one person to another person or from one infected eye to the uninfected eye.   

During  infective conjunctivitis, you may sense:

  1. A burning sensation in your eyes
  2. A feeling of grit in your eyes
  3. Eye Cancer
  4. A sticky coating on the eyelashes
  5. Discharge from eye
  6. An enlarged lymph node (gland) in front of the ear

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis is a form of conjunctivitis which is susceptible to irritation from allergens like pollen or mold spores, especially in the hay fever season. Allergic conjunctivitis is quite common.

During allergic conjunctivitis, you may have:

  1. Itchy eyes
  2. Eyes become irritated
  3. Small blood vessels widen in the conjunctiva
  4. Painful and sensitive to light
  5. Eyelids may puff up
  6. Burning sensation

You may also experience some other symptoms such as sneezing and a runny or blocked nose which may be experienced at certain times usually from early spring into summer. 


Conjunctivitis is a very irritating condition that causes pain. A right medication from your doctor can cure this inflammation. Get the right medical attention for conjunctivitis, if you think that you are at risk of this ailment.

 In most cases, pink eye is a  mild condition that goes away even without treatment. However, it is important to see a healthcare provider to get the proper diagnosis and care with the best ophthalmologist in India.

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