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What are the Treatment Options for Penis Enlargement?

Marketers frequently advertise, and even claim that you can increase your penis size with the aid of pills, lotions, vacuum devices, and extenders. Some men even opt for penis enlargement treatments.  The penis enlargement business has an enormous market presence. But what is the reality? According to the Urology Care Foundation, penis enlargement methods generally do not work. Therefore, you have to do extensive research, know about the types of procedures and penis enlargement medicines, their side effects, and then decide if you really want to go for the treatment or not.

What is the standard size of a penis?

Men often desire an enlarged penis size to satisfy their partners.  However, it is essential to know about the standard penis size to eliminate misconceptions. You cannot predict the non-erect penis’ length, as accurately as when it is erect. The average size of an erect penis is 5 inches or 13 centimeters. In case the penis is less than 3 inches, it is considered abnormally small, and the condition is termed as a micropenis.

Although many penis enlargement treatments claim results, their effectiveness and safety are doubtful and has not been conclusively proved.

Types of penis enlargement products

Most of the advertised products have several health risks. Some of the common penis enlargement options available in the market today include:

  • Penis enlargement medicines and lotions:

Most penis enlargement medicines include herbs, minerals, vitamins, and hormones that claim to increase the penis size. However, their effectiveness hasn’t been proven yet. Some of them have adverse effects too. According to the University of Maryland, a few of these medicines and lotions contained traces of animal feces, lead, E. Coli bacteria, and pesticides. Similar to the medicines, even lotions do not affect and may not increase the penis size.

  • Vacuum pumps:

These pumps or devices make the penis large in appearance, but it is temporary. Men use these to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction. However, if you use these often, it can cause  damage to the penis tissues, resulting in fewer firm erections. Many doctors have said that vacuum devices used for a few minutes in a day may not help enlarge the penis size at all.

  • Penile extenders:

It is a technique that puts a small frame or weight to stretch the penis through traction. This treatment has not shown any positive results, and may even result in permanent damage.

  • Exercises:

Although a few exercises such as jelqing (pulling the penis head with index finger and thumb) are safe on the penis, they have not been proven scientifically to increase the penis size. Moreover it can cause  pain, disfigurement, and scar formation.

Some suggest stretching using the extender device or stretcher. Only a few cases have reported an increase in size by half an inch. Other than that, there are no proven results of stretching for penis enlargement.

  • Surgical treatment for penis enlargement

Surgical procedures for penis enlargement is risky, and there is no scientific proof that it helps. The studies based on penis enlargement methods have mixed results regarding sexual satisfaction, effectiveness, and safety. In extreme cases, around one centimeter or half, an inch size can be increased at the flaccid penis area, but the actual length does not increase.

There are three methods of penis enlargement surgery.

1] Penile augmentation: A procedure to make the penis thicker involves taking fat from a fleshy part of the body and injecting it into the penis shaft. Results may be disappointing, however, because some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body. This can lead to penile curvature or asymmetry and an irregular looking penis. 2] Suspensory ligament release: The ligaments which attach the penis  to the pubic area offer support when there is an erection. When the doctor cuts the ligament, the penis angle is altered, making the penis appear longer. The treatment is known to increase the penis by one to three centimeters. However, there are no positive results regarding patient satisfaction. According to the American Urological Association, the surgery is neither practical, nor safe.

3] Penile implants: Penile implantation, by using artificial implants, such as Penuma, is a type of penile enlargement surgery in which medical-grade silicone is inserted in the penile skin to make it look larger. The risks associated have been shown to be significant, such as disfigured penis with a bulky appearance, infection, and implant breakage, etc.

Risks related to penis enlargement treatment

There are several risks and severe health concerns related to penis enlargement medicines, products, and even surgery.

  • Penis enlargement treatments may result in some severe side effects, the most common being infection and swelling. Sometimes, the penis may even  have to be removed.
  • Some penis enlargement medicines; and even surgery could lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • If a vacuum pump is overused, you may damage the penis tissue.  It could also result in weaker erections.
  • There could be sensation loss in the penis area for a few weeks. However, it may be a temporary side effect.

Complications related to penis enlargement surgery

Undergoing the penis enlargement surgery could have possible complications, such as:

  • There could be blood clots in the penile tissue.
  • The stitches made during the surgery could fall apart after some days or weeks.
  • There could be chances of infection and perforation.
  • The implants could break apart after some time.
  • The penis’s appearance may not be satisfactory. It may look bulkier even though the surgery was successful to a certain extent.

Therefore, it is advised not to go for penis enlargement surgery if you have an average size penis. However, if you are still planning to go for it, it is essential to talk to a professional in detail regarding all the risks and possible complications, so that you can make an informed choice. 

When to see a doctor?

If you are suffering from PDD or Penile Dysmorphophobia,  consult a doctor immediately. Some people underestimate their penis size; they should visit a Urologist before deciding to take penis enlargement medicines or undergo surgery. Otherwise, there could be feelings of dissatisfaction, depression, sexual dysfunction, and sexual anxiety.

In case you find it challenging to maintain an erection or lack sexual pleasure due to the small or abnormal size of the penis, you should see a doctor.

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Like many other conditions, there are no guaranteed or proven results related to penis enlargement medicines or surgical treatments. If you are worried about sexual interaction, you should talk to your partner and discuss your preferences. It is also advised to be fit and healthy, and always try to maintain a positive lifestyle. In case of any doubt, you can consult your Urologist and then decide the future course.

Frequently Answered Questions

  1. Is it safe to take penis enlargement medicines without doctor’s consultation?

No. You should never take any medicines or use any oils that claim to increase the size of your penis. They are not only unsafe, but may also lead to damage or other health problems.

  1. How effective are penis enlargement treatments?

According to the doctors, only a few penis enlargement treatments might be effective.  Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with your doctor. 

  1. Should penis size matter?

In most of the cases, penis size doesn’t affect sexual activities. Also, one cannot measure the masculinity of a person by  his penis size. In case you are concerned about not giving pleasure to your partner, you may talk openly  and discuss it. Thinking about increasing the size of the penis through medicines or treatments is not a recommended option.

  1. Who can be the right person to talk about penis size?

If you are concerned about your penis size, you can either talk about it with your partner or if you need a professional’s advice, visit an urologist. They can clear your doubts and help you resolve the issue .

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