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What is Pregnancy Massage and Why You Should try it?

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Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can help cope with the physical changes that occur during pregnancy.  Pregnancy massage plays an important role in relieving pain when a pregnant woman is unable to take medications or other medical treatments. Prenatal massage helps pregnant women relax, and provides relief from muscle and joint pain.  

What exactly does a pregnant massage involve? 

The back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles are all under a lot of strain during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is intended to relieve some of the general pains and aches linked to pregnancy. A trained therapist will know which areas to avoid or focus on.  

The therapist will discuss the process before beginning the massage. The woman will need to lie down on a massage table that has been carefully designed for a pregnant woman and will be covered with towels to preserve privacy and keep the woman warm. They will most likely utilize creams or oils to massage the skin smoothly. A comfortable pillow will be given since it is not a good idea to lie flat on the back during the second half of the pregnancy. It is because it can exert too much pressure on the vein that runs from the legs to the heart. 

Why should one try a pregnancy massage? 

Due to the benefits of a pregnancy massage, it is being suggested by many therapists or doctors to pregnant women. Some of the benefits of a pregnancy massage are: 

  • Lowers anxiety 
  • Decreases back and leg pain 
  • Improves sleep 
  • Lessens stress  

Massage during pregnancy has been also proved to be quite useful in helping to control discomfort and improve the emotional experience of labor

How safe is a pregnancy massage? 

Because, there is such a wide range of expertise, some doctors are hesitant to recommend massage during pregnancy. During the first trimester, it may be best avoided due to risks of miscarriage.

Always consult the doctor before getting a prenatal massage or if you are : 

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy. 
  • Have morning sickness, nausea, or vomiting 
  • Have a high chance of having a miscarriage 
  • Are having a high risk pregnancy (such as due to preeclampsia) 
  • Have a blood clot, such as deep vein thrombosis
  • Have cramps or bleeding 
  • One or both legs are swollen 

What are the tips to enjoy a massage during pregnancy? 

Before going for a pregnancy massage always be clear if the therapist is certified or licensed by a professional organization. Doctors and midwives can also recommend qualified massage therapists. It is important to drink plenty of water before going for a massage as it can dehydrate the body soon. Make sure the environment of a massage clinic is clean, the linen and room should also be clean and fresh.  

Massaging at home is also a good option. The woman’s partner can rub the feet, back, shoulders and even massage the scalp or rub with a lotion on the abdomen. 

What can you expect after a pregnancy massage? 

Most likely, women will be able to fall asleep better and have a relaxed feeling after a massage. The blood circulation improves and the muscle soreness reduces, helping them to manage the pregnancy in a much better way. This gives them a fresh feeling for a longer period. It also makes the woman feel at ease and comfortable. However, massages have to be done with utmost care and in the right way. 

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