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What should healthcare providers, labs and health departments do in this situation?

As per current government directives, under no circumstances can any suspected/confirmed COVID-19 case be admitted in any of the private hospitals

Apollo Hospitals has activated and is following the TEN POINT ACTION PLAN that applies to all Emergency, OPD (Physician offices), Apollo Health Check, and International Patient Lounge:


  1. The staff to follow hand – hygiene guidelines at all times.
  2. The staff who is likely to come in contact with such a patient should be wearing N 95/three ply surgical mask at all times.
  3. The patient should be kept at least at arm’s length (preferably six feet or two arm’s length away).
  4. A three-ply surgical mask should be offered to the patients and relatives.
  5. The patient and relatives should be requested to wear the mask immediately.
  6. For patients presenting with a history of travel to China, Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy (the list shall expand based on GOI directives), the patient should be taken to a confined area for detailed history and examination. Such an area (away from patient care areas) needs to be identified immediately.
  7. Instead of circulating papers, all communication including details of the patient (Name, Age, Mobile Number, and Address) should be sent by SMS/ Whatsapp to the hospital nodal officer.
  8. The patient should be transferred to the Government designated facility in patient’s own vehicle / Govt. designated ambulances.
  9. All surfaces need to be cleaned by hypochlorite every shift.
  10. The masks should be disposed properly as per standard State guidelines and regulations.

In case of a telephonic conversation with a suspect patient requesting directions:

  1. Such patients should be directed to designated State Nodal Hospital
  2. Request the patient not to travel by public transport
  3. Provide the helpline number at designated Nodal Hospital
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