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Why is First Aid Important?

Having the primary knowledge of First Aid is helpful for both you as a person and the society. It assists you to sustain individuals who eventually become wounded in the occurrence of an accident or any tragic situation until the necessary help come in. First Aid skills can be administered at homes, the workplaces or in public places, therefore the more First Aid skilled people there are in a society, the safer that society becomes.

Let’s see why, how & what sort of first aid training is essential

Certified with First Aid not only gives you a huge benefit as an individual, but it also expands to reach your family, co-workers, friends and even the society altogether. As horrible as it is to discuss, accidents and emergency situations are not entirely unavoidable. For instance, A.N. Venkatesh who works in Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru witness the death of a young man who would have been saved if first aid trained persons and good first aid facilities were available. The said person died from drowning and Dr.Venkatesh couldn’t save him because it was too late as at the time he got there. This is why it’s important to have first aid trained people in every place; home, work and any social gathering.

If eventually an accident takes place in the workplace, home or a public location, being a vulnerable witness to emergency situations can potentially deteriorate the situation.

And this is the reason why it is extremely significant for as many individuals as possible to have at least a primary idea of First Aid.

In its most critical shape, First Aid is the first medical help given to a casualty of injury or illness. Basic First Aid idea is comprised of moderately simple procedures and techniques that can be executed with limithim equipment and is normally administered until professional medical help arrives.

Indian Association of professional Rafting Outfitters as well as Adventure Tour Operators Association of India organize and conduct Orientation and Seminars on CPR, first aid, Mountain rescue and survival techniques to encourage Indians to undergo first aid training and classes.

  • First Aid allows those skilled with the prospectively lifesaving ability to help an ill or injured person during a variety of emergency conditions. In a situation whereby a person ingests a dangerous substance, a seizure or stroke, experiences a heart attack, is involved in a motor accident or is trapped in a natural disaster, a person trained in even the very fundamentals of First Aid can be of a great significance in helping the injured person until the arrival of emergency responders. The more people are First Aid knowledgeable, the more the society as a whole is at a greater benefit.
  • Having ideas of First Aid is a great advantage to the people in particular, in spite of whether an emergency involves the people close to them or affects them directly. First Aid can and always minimizes the seriousness of an emergency in a particular time and place.
  • Although it is needful for First Aid training, it even has greater benefits to the ones working or living with people who require constant special treatment or attention such as children, individuals with chronic illness, people with disorders (e.g. epilepsy), the elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities, individuals in recreational activities such as swimming or then people working in hazardous settings such as a construction site or factory.

There must always be an occurrence of accidents, despite any level of care and preventative measure. And due to this, people who are properly and well trained and with the adequate equipment are a great help in ensuring better safety for all and sundry. Without suitable First Aid, an ordinary injury could develop into a severe injury; and in some cases, fatalities can take place as a consequence of lack of instant medical treatment. First Aid doesn’t just promote quicker recovery; it also helps to save lives.

Verified By Dr Paresh Kumar Jena
Senior Consultant - General Medicine & Rheumatologist, Apollo Hospitals Bhubanswar
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