Workplace Wellness Tips


Starting a fitness routine or diet can take serious effort. Considering the amount of time you spend at your workplaces, it all makes sense to adopt workplace wellness programs. Studies have shown that investing in workplace wellness programs have:

● Increased productivity
● Reduced absenteeism
● Improved working relationships
● Decreased stress
● Helped retain current employees

Some great examples of workplace wellness programs are:

1. One remote working day each week
Offer to work from home once every week to reduce stress of traveling.

2. Provide healthy office snacks
Providing healthy organic snacks not only prevents chronic disease but also increases productivity.

3. Host walk and talk meetings
Make meeting a walk meeting as sitting is the new smoking !

4 Create flexible working hours
Flexible working increases engagement and commitment to the organization.

4. Encourage people to take the stairs
Let stairs help your employees burn some extra calories.

5. On-site yoga classes
Yoga is an effective stress reliever, so offering yoga sessions once a week will help refresh your employees.

6. Short and regular intervals
A short break after every 2 hours can help refresh your employees not only mentally but physically too.

7. Encourage nap time
Power nap between work hours has significant benefits such as improved productivity, creativity and memory.

8. Help employees quit smoking
Incentive employees to stop smoking.

9. Arrange for physical activity breaks
Promote breaks time for physical activity to let your employees stretch a muscle or take a walk.

workplace wellness tips infographics

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