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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

The theme of this World Mental Health day on 10/10/2025 is ‘Dignity in Mental Health’. In the Indian sub-continent context, a good question to discuss is ARE WE MENTALLY HEALTHY??Just glance through the next few lines and may be you will wake up to have a real-time check on your own MENTAL HEALTH.

1.World suicide ranking for India – 11
2. World ranking for road traffic accidental deaths in India – 64
3. World ranking for unemployment in India – 104
4. World ranking on corruption- India ranked 85 out of 175 countries
5. Second highest population in the world!!

Do these numbers make sense? The gist of these few statistics clearly indicates that many Indians are wilting away in the stress/pressure of life. If corrective and supportive measures are not put in place, ‘MERA BAHRAT MAHAAN’ may also soon be in the top 10 mentally ill population nation.

So the message to take home is:-

i. Let the mind be peaceful and dwell in serene environments to generate positivity,
ii. Avoid all addictions,
iii. Develop problem solving skills in practical life rather than relying on aggression and emotional manipulation,
iv. Be creative and dedicated in your thoughts and deeds,
v. Last but not the least- CONSULT a mental health professional in your hour of distress. Do not sweep your problem under the carpet, if ignored mental health issues can become riotous for the mind & body.

So here is wishing you a healthy mind in a healthy body for your life time.


Dr.Namita Singh,
Consultant Neuropsychologist,
Apollo Health City, Hyderabad,
Telangana, India.

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