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Osteoporosis is a disease of skeletal system ( bones) where the bones may fracture with little trauma.

Fractures leads to acute pain and deformity .  These fractures may require surgical intervention.  Even when the fracture has healed, there would be increased risk of second fracture, death or long term disability.

Osteoporosis most commonly affects Post menopausal ladies. Young ladies and males may also be  affected secondary to systemic diseases. Diagnosis of Osteoporosis is made on X-ray or Bone Mineral Density ( BMD).

Bone quality and bone density determine the bone strength .  The prevention or treatment strategies for improving bone strength- involves improving the calcium and vitamin D intake at young age and elderly . Exercise improves the balances and strengthens the muscle and decrease the risk of falls. Then there are specific medicines to increase bone formation or reduce bone re absorption


Dr.Rabinder Nath Mehrotra,
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