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No time to work out? Here’s how You Can Sneak Fitness into Your Day

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Sneak Fitness
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The benefits of exercise are known to all of us. But still, it is always neglected in our daily schedule, and we blame it on the lack of time. What if we can sneak fitness into our busy daily lives? If you think it’s impossible, think again, as you may be wrong.

Experts suggest that an average person requires 150 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly. If we split it across a week, it will be around 20 minutes daily. It is a reasonable goal you can set and maintain in a day. Here are some ways you can remain healthy amidst your busy schedules.

  1. Rise, shine, and stretch: As soon you wake up, don’t immediately start completing your to-do list for the day. Stretch a bit and add a simple exercise routine. Thus, helping you kick-start your day on a positive note.
  2. Tensing muscles: Try tensing your muscles by sitting at your desk itself. For example, tighten your stomach muscles for a few seconds and release. Repeat this a couple of times. Similarly, sit on your chair and keep your hands beneath your seat, pull the seat up with both hands, and remain in that position for a few seconds before you release your hand.. 
  3. Not sitting for too long: Scientists suggest that sitting for too long is as bad as smoking. So, take breaks and move around. Connect with your colleague and discuss the information you intended to text or mail. Read those long emails or go through the PowerPoint presentation standing. Walk to the water dispenser and fill your bottle. Stretch your body and release the tension. 
  4. Walk a mile extra: Try to walk a little more than your usual steps every day. Park your car further than usual and ensure you get those additional steps. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs up and down. Don’t order your food. Walk to your office cafeteria and get the food or beverage you need. 
  5. A jogging stroller for mamas: Are you a mom of a toddler? It may be difficult for you to hand over the  child to someone else and find time for yourselves to exercise. Get a stroller, strap the child in and go for a walk. It will be rejuvenating for you and fun for the baby. 
  6. Take a walk after lunch: A quick walk after lunch will help you escape your sleepy feeling and also helps you digest your food and get time off your chair. Take your loved one or colleague with you and enjoy your walk.
  7. Take public transportation: Contribute to reducing air pollution and improving your health by using public transport. This method of conveyance allows you to walk a little extra to board public transport and reach your destination. 
  8. Use a cycle for conveyance: Many employees, now in corporate offices of metropolitan cities, cycle to work. It is a better alternative to public transportation and keeps your body active and healthy.
  9. Give your dog an extended walk: Your dog deserves extra love. Show it by taking it for a longer walk than usual. Your dog will be as happy as your health. 
  10. Give your house help a day off: Ask your gardener or maid to take a break and enjoy their day off with their families. In the meantime, you can sneak in some family time as well. Involve your loved ones in gardening and cleaning the house. Make it a fun activity that allows you to spend quality time with your partner and kids and keeps you active. 
  11. Say goodbye to the couch: We indeed feel like wrapping a blanket around us and staying on the couch or watching tv for the entire day. Work on that feeling. Watch your favourite movie while you fold your clothes or mop the floor. Keep the remote near the tv so that you walk a little every time you want or have the urge to change the channel. Run on your treadmill or ride your workout cycle while watching your favourite series. This way, you satiate your body and mind. 
  12. Utilise technology: We are living in a technologically advanced world. Ensure you make the most of it to get fit and maintain your health. Set reminders or alarms to drink water and take breaks. Use smart watches and set goals for the number of steps you must walk daily. Measure your calorie loss and set reasonable goals every day.
  13. Make your Friday nights healthy: Say no to parties and pubs. Arrange a mini volleyball or badminton match in your backyard and spend your Friday evenings with your friends and family. You can also have a dance party to burn calories and not make it look like exercise.


Most diseases we get today are lifestyle-related and preventable. We need just a little caution and interest in changing our lifestyle. If you can schedule time for a workout, it is the best. But even if you cannot do it, sneaking in stretches and walks in your day is not hard and not doing it will just be an excuse. Follow the tips given and enjoy a healthy life.

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