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Apollo Hospitals dominates the Best Hospitals Ranking in India Once again

We are pleased to announce that Apollo Hospitals has once again dominated the annual healthcare rankings published by leading dailies, “The Times of India” and “The Week” for the year 2020.

This would not have been possible without your continued support and trust especially during these difficult times. We would like to tank you for your continued faith in our clinical capabilities and our daily endeavour to save lives.

Apollo “Center’s of Excellence” Rank No 1 for best clinical care.

Along with Hospital Ranking, Apollo Hospitals Centre’s of Excellence – Cardio, Neuro, Ortho, Oncology, Pulmonology, Paediatrics and Diabetics tops the rank for clinical outcomes and care.

Apollo Top’s the Chart in City Wise Ranking in East, West, North & South Regions 

Region Hospital Rank
South Chennai Ranking on top 1 Best hospital in India ( TOI)
Best Hospital All India Private -2 ( The Week)
No 1 in Cardio, Gastro, Ortho, Pulmonary
and No. 2 in Onco, Pead’s and No. 3 in Diabetes
Hyderabad Best Hospital in Hyderbad (TOI)
Best Multi Speciality Hospital -Private (The Week )
No 1 In cardiology in the city (the week)
North IMCL Best Hospital in North Region (TOI)
Best Multi Speciality Hospital -Private (The Week )
No 2 in Ortho and Pulmonology and No3 in Onco and Neuro
Lucknow Best Multi Speciality Hospital – Private (The Week)
Best Emerging Hospital (TOI)
West Bangalore Best Hospital in Bangalore (TOI)
The best Hospital in the city for Pulmonology (the week)
East Kolkata Best Multi Speciality Hospital- Private (The week)
Best Hospital In Kolkata (No2)
No 1 in Gastro in the City for Gastroenterology
Bhubaneshwar Best Hospital in Eastern Region (TOI)
Best Multi Speciality Hospital- Private (The Week)

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