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Health Approach to Tobacco and Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use claims almost 10 lakh lives every year in India and account for 13% of all Indian deaths.

Tobacco use is a leading cause of cancer of the oral cavity and lung and is a major cause of heart disease and TB mortality. It even causes impotence, poor skin condition and bladder cancer. Nicotine is addictive in any form – be it bidis, cigarettes, hookah or chewing tobacco.

Quitting tobacco needs a structured approach and Apollo Hospitals Smoking Cessation Clinic is here to support the smoker

Smokers and other tobacco users will have the opportunity to get treated in a state of the art, multi-disciplinary clinic designed to maximize the duration and possibility of quitting tobacco. An evidence based approach with specialist pulmonologists, counselors and other health professionals will assist in the process. The clinic will involve following international guidelines for tobacco cessation. “The 5 A approach” – Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist and Arrange

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