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Eating a nutritious diet and choosing a healthy lifestyle is not as much of a herculean task as one would imagine. Smart and small changes in a person’s everyday life can help achieve a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing one’s favourite eatables.

This is termed as healthy swaps, where one has to just swap rather than completely refrain from consuming a particular dish. 

Let’s take a look at a few healthy swaps that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle without having to stop eating your favourite food items.

Healthy Edible Swaps:

The following swapping tips can help you cut down on unhealthy foods without compromising your health or cravings. 


  1. Skimmed or light milk can be a replacement for whole milk. 
  2. Wholegrain cereal such as no added sugar porridge can substitute a sweetened morning cereal. 
  3. Replace sugar topping with fresh fruit topping in the porridge for breakfast.
  4. Full-fat greek yoghurt can be heavy. Instead, fat-free greek-style yoghurt or organic low-fat yoghurt can be considered a healthy swap. 


  1. White bread, waffles, pastries or muffins can be swapped with whole-grain foods.
  2. Instead of spreading butter and cheese, a low-fat spread with less salt and sugar can be considered. 
  3. Tuna salad sandwich made using whole-grain bread and without mayo.
  4. Cheddar cheese can be swapped with low-fat cheese while making any sandwich.


  1. Tomato sauce or any vegetable sauce can substitute for creamy or high-fat sauces in pasta, meat, or seafood. 
  2. Consuming tender cut meats rather than sausages will help in easy digestion.
  3. Mashed potato can be had with low-fat milk or spread instead of butter or high-fat milk or cheese. 
  4. Using a frying pan rather than grills when frying meats and other eatables will make the food items hygienic and healthy.

Healthy swaps for drinks and snacks:


  1. The usual coffee made with high fat and high-calorie milk can be replaced with skimmed milk coffee. 
  2. Water is the best replacement for high sugary drinks during times of heavy thirst. 
  3. When consuming hot chocolate with high-fat milk or whipped cream, the body can easily absorb the calories. Instead, the hot chocolate can be made with skimmed milk without a creamy topping.
  4. Cold coffee can be replaced with any fruit frappe without topping the frappe with whipped cream,  when there is a craving to drink iced coffee.


  1. Rice cakes can be considered the best snack for munching rather than crunchy chips.
  2. Salted nuts can be swapped with unsalted nuts to gain complete nutrition.
  3. Munching less fatty and low oil fried snacks instead of packeted snacks can prove beneficial.


The bottom line is that although all the items mentioned above may not fully satisfy or be a perfect replacement for one’s everyday diet, these can make you healthy and hearty. It is also important to note that these items are easily available and hygienically made at home. Swapping can also help in maintaining weight. As a result, people who are obese can opt to start a swapping program in their weight loss diet. 

However, it is advisable to consult the health care experts such as doctors and dieticians at Apollo Hospitals before initiating or bringing about any changes to your diets and lifestyle. 

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