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COVID-19 Government of India Guidelines

The new decade has shown us how vulnerable we are to diseases and how rapidly a new disease can take root and spread. The current viral outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19 (as the illness is officially known), that is turning into a global health crisis.  Hopes that COVID-19 would be contained to China have vanished as reports of countries touched by this disease climbed to nearly 60 countries as New Zealand, Nigeria, Mexico, Lithuania, Belarus, Iceland, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands reported their first cases. In addition, stock markets took a pounding amid fears of a global recession

COVID-19, which originated in Wuhan, China has exceeded more than 83,000 confirmed cases worldwide and over 2,800 deaths since the first case was detected in December 2019.

With three confirmed case in Kerala, India issued several notifications on how one can be affected by this deadly disease, what the symptoms were and which preventive measures could be adopted. In addition, the Government of India has issued also many advisories, including travel advisory, clinical management, surveillance for human infection, guidelines for sample collection, guidelines for prevention, etc. Following are the links from the Government of India for you.

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