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Post-COVID-19 Care – Things You Must Do After Recovering

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Post Covid
Post Covid

The sudden spike in COVID-19 cases is a veritable threat to the entire country. Things were going smooth and stable, but in the last two months, India saw a massive surge in the number of cases. It has been stated by our Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan that our recovery rate is 92.38 per cent, and despite the increase in cases, our fatality rate is 1.30 per cent. 

According to experts and our Union Minister, the main reason for this sudden surge can be hosting of events, grand weddings and social gatherings without any precautions. 

What’s more, COVID-19 seems to be affecting youngsters a lot nowadays. Many people under the age of 45 have been tested positive and children aged between 10 and 12 are also falling prey. 

As per a WHO advisory, it is important to recognize the importance of post-Covid care and adopt the strategies mentioned below. 

Here’s a guide on What to do after recovering from COVID-19.

1. Good quality sleep: If you were admitted to a COVID hospital at the peak of this infection, it is certain that your sleep must have taken a hit. Our sleep is regulated as per the circadian rhythm and our mood affects this too. It is important to sleep peacefully and maintain a proper sleep-week cycle with less disturbance to ensure good health and develop antibodies.

2. Consumption of good food: A good diet is one of the surest ways to recover. Consuming nutrients your body has lost is good for your overall well-being. Foods rich in minerals, vitamins, dietary fibres and antioxidants will help you regulate hormonal functions and antibodies in the body. It will keep your mood swings at bay and will also take care of your mental health. 

3. Physical exercise: Working out can be difficult, especially after Covid care. But exercising gently will make you stronger physically and cognitively as well. 

4. Brain exercises: Another good thing to do post Covid is to start a new habit that will keep you mentally active, such as puzzles, word games, number games or memory exercises. Challenge yourself with achievable activities and these will make you feel good.

5. Take things slow: Going through memory and concentration issues after recovering from this virus is common, so make sure that you just don’t get discouraged. Give yourself some time as your post-Covid care at home will take you back to your old self gradually.

6. Keep yourself prompt: Since laziness and forgetfulness may become a part of your routine, it is best to add reminders, alarms and prompts about the important activities which you should be doing. Take things back in control.

7. Don’t stress, calm yourselves: Since we know that restlessness can occur during our daily routine, you should know that you cannot get back to where your mind and body was before this illness. It is best that you give yourself some time to heal.

8. One thing at a time: Remembering and doing everything can be difficult during this recovery phase. Take one thing at a time.

9. Be open to support: Accept love from the ones who are there in your life, share your emotions and how frustrating your time has been. It will make your cognitive difficulties less suffering. Let your friends and family support you out of this phase, deal with the stress in a better way.

The steps mentioned above will help you clear your doubts on the question of what to do after covid recovery, and re-acclimate yourself in your society. During any stage if you feel that cognitive difficulties are taking over you, make sure to connect with your doctor or a neurologist to take some help without any delay. 

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