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Basal Body Temperature for Natural Family Planning

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Today, everything in our environment has direct or indirect synthetic ingredients that may appear suitable but are not good for health. For most couples, family planning is vital. It also helps make smart decisions, ensuring population control.

Couples who do not want to have a child can use the Basal Body temperature method. It can also help couples who are planning for a baby to time intercourse around the period of ovulation, thereby improving chances of pregnancy.

Unplanned sex may result in an unplanned pregnancy. People think abortion is an option. But it causes many health issues in women. Planning a family can prevent health issues. This article explains this natural family planning method called Basal Body Temperature method.


Basal body temperature is the temperature of your body when you are at rest. So how does the basal body temperature play a role in family planning?

By measuring your basal body temperature regularly, you can predict when you will ovulate (ovulation is the process when eggs are released from the ovary inside a female body). The body temperature dips a little bit just before your ovary releases an egg. And, 24 hours after the release of the egg, your temperature increases and stays up for several days. A woman’s BBT averages between 36.1°C (97°F) and 36.4°C (97.5°F) before ovulation. After ovulation, it increases to 36.4°C (97.6°F) to 37°C (98.6°F).

You are most fertile about two days before the basal body temperature rises, but sperm can live up to five days in the reproductive tract.

Therefore, this is a natural way to predict when the probability of conceiving is high. If you want to have a child, this will help you determine the days when you are most likely to conceive. If you do not wish to have a child, you can avoid unprotected sex during these days.

Why is the Basal Body Temperature Method Preferred?

Couples prefer this method as it does not have any side effects. Also, it is an inexpensive method of family planning. The basal body temperature method can also detect pregnancy. If the rise in the basal temperature lasts for 18 days or more after ovulation, it indicates pregnancy.

Risks Associated With This Method:

This method does not involve any risks. But it is not fool proof. It means it is less reliable. However, if used with other family planning methods, it may work. It requires diligence as you must avoid sex during your most fertile days if you do not want a pregnancy.

Things to Remember Before Using the Basal Body Temperature Method

  1. If you have recently given birth and are breastfeeding, this method is not useful.
  2. If you are menopausal, you should approach your doctor before using this method.
  3. Some factors influence basal body temperature. These are:
  4. Fever
  5. Stress/fatigue
  6. Alcohol
  7. Medication may also influence your basal body temperature.
  8. If you have disordered sleep cycles, it may influence the basal body temperature.

How To Process This Method?

You must do the following things to proceed with the basal temperature method.

  1. Take your basal body temperature every morning before getting up from the bed. You may use a normal digital thermometer or a special thermometer designed to measure the basal body temperature. These thermometers are available at any drugstore. Good sleep is essential before taking the reading. Also, try to take the temperature at the same time every morning.
  2. Take your temperature from the same part of your body every day. You can take it via your rectum, vagina, or mouth.
  3. Maintain a record of the readings. Whenever the temperature rises slightly, and this rise remains consistent for 2-3 days, it is a sign of ovulation.
  4. If you want to get pregnant, plan sex with your partner during these days. If you do not want a pregnancy, avoid unprotected sex during these days as it can result in pregnancy.

When To See a Doctor?

If you feel that this method is not very effective, make an appointment with a doctor. He would suggest other methods that can be used in conjunction with the basal body temperature method. One of the methods that your doctor may suggest is the cervical mucus method or the billings method.

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Family planning is necessary, but do not compromise your health for it. Hence, people prefer natural family planning methods as there are no side effects. These methods can be used to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. But you must use them diligently and regularly maintain the records. You can follow two methods together so that the results are more reliable. You may use the basal body temperature method and the cervical mucus method together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What Is The Cervical Mucus Method?

A1: The cervical mucus method is used to determine when you will ovulate by observing your cervical mucus or vaginal discharge. In this method, you need to observe your mucus every day and note the results. The 2-3 days before the slippery mucus appears are the days you can get pregnant.

Q2: What Are The Different Natural Family Planning Methods?

A2: Natural family planning methods are listed as follows:

  • Calendar method
  • Standard Days method
  • Cervical Mucus Method’
  • Basal body temperature method.

Q3: What Are The Advantages of Using Natural Family Planning Methods?

A3: The advantages are:

  • These are inexpensive methods.
  • It promotes communication between couples and makes them responsible.
  • These methods have no side effects.

Q5: What Is Ovulation?

A5: This is the release of an egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube. It occurs about 15 days before the start of every period.

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