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Benefits of drinking Lemon water every morning

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Benefits of Lemon water
Benefits of Lemon water

How you start your day can impact the rest of it. While there are many health tips available, the simplest and one of the most effective ones involves only a lemon and some water. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning is definitely one of the best things you can do for your body. Below mentioned are a few health benefits of the same:

Boosts Immunity:

Drinking lemon water every morning encourages your immune system to function optimally, keeping diseases away. The high vitamin C content of lemons prevents and fights cold, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Lemons are rich in potassium, which promotes brain and nerve activity, and regulates your blood pressure. Also, they help maintain your body’s acidity levels, reducing your chances of falling sick.

Aids weight loss:

Lemons contain pectin fiber, which is very effective in reducing hunger cravings, helping you reduce your calorie intake. You can also add a dash of honey to your lemon water to satisfy your sweet tooth. This will keep you off high-calorie sweets during the rest of the day.

Maintains oral health:

Lemon water not just gives you a fresh morning breath, but also prevents dental problems such as cavities, tooth pain and gingivitis.

Detoxifies your system:

Lemon juice increases your frequency of urination, flushing out more toxins and waste products from your system. This reduces blockages or buildup of harmful substances in your body, preventing major diseases. It also gives you a clear & glowing skin, free of impurities.

Promotes digestion:

If you’re someone who experiences digestive problems such as acidity, heartburn, etc., you should try this today. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach will help cleanse your digestive tract and help your liver produce bile, which is essential for better digestion.

Now that you know the many health benefits of beginning your day with a glass of warm lemon water, you must definitely try this health tip! For further advice on healthy living consult a doctor on Ask Apollo today!

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