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Does practising pranayama increase the risk of Corona infection?

Hand hygiene and social distancing are important to prevent coronavirus infection.

Please make sure your hands are cleaned often with soap and water, especially before touching your nose for performing Pranayama. Make sure that you sanitize common household objects including mobile phones, computers, and yoga mats as you may touch them and then touch your face for Pranayama.

What is the importance of workouts during COVID-19 ?

While on lockdown, physical activity needs to be maintained as it is extremely beneficial to body and mind. It is important for controlling diabetes and high blood pressure . Maintaining bone strength and muscle tone through exercise is important especially as the regular outdoor activity is curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exercise also helps boost immunity. reduces the risk of mental health issues like depression.  You can walk for short periods such as 10 minutes at a time, or practise yoga routines or Interval training, depending on your age, pre-existing health conditions and doctor’s advice.

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