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Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health

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There has been a sudden change in weather from severe heat to cold rain. These sudden temperature changes can make you feel sick. If you have been feeling unwell lately, don’t worry! It turns out that weather changes affect our body and brain. Your health is directly related to what kind of weather you are been exposed to.

One of the main problems is the air pressure! When there is an increase in air pressure, there will be automatically a drop in the temperature. These sudden shifts in the weather can be a cause of falling sick.

Your health is directly related to what kind of weather you are been exposed to. Here are few health issues which you might face while there is a fluctuation or change in the weather around you.

Migraines– The change in weather can trigger migraine attacks very quickly, which is usually a Neurological problem. However, we know that we can’t do anything about the weather but can surely reduce our chances of having an attack by not skipping meals, avoiding caffeine, having a good night’s sleep and getting relief from stress. Take your migraine medications on time and try to avoid pain killers.

Heart Attacks– A change in weather can put your heart at risk which is generally a Cardiological issue. Heart attacks are higher during seasonal changes. Especially, when you are exposed to cold weather, your blood vessels starts to constrict and water leaves the circulation. In return, the blood in our body thickens and it might result in a clot. Dressing up in layers, being active and keeping yourself hydrated can minimize the risks

Lung Diseases– People who suffer from any kind of lung diseases such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis are more prone to fall sick during a weather change. Symptoms like coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath can be experienced. To avoid lung problems you should not go out in extreme weathers, drink plenty of fluids and stay active as they decrease the chances of getting lung infections. It is advisable to consult a Pulmonologist for the same.

Eczema– We all know that eczema is a skin disease related to Dermatology, which makes the skin really itchy. During the seasonal change, it’s quite likely that your skin might get dry, flaky and itchy. Skin, being the most important part of our body in controlling temperature can’t function properly if you have eczema. Frequent change in temperature can also cause itching. To avoid this problem try to keep your house ventilated, choose cotton clothes and don’t overdo heating or cooling.

Joint Pains– One of the major problems most of us face is the pain in the joints. It’s said that the lower pressure causes inflamed joints to swell more and cause extreme pain. Less vitamin D or inactiveness can aggravate the pain. Regular exercise and a proper amount of vitamin D will help you keep mobile and healthy. It is advisable to consult an Orthopaedician for the same.

Seasons and weathers should not affect our daily life. If you know about these conditions, regular health checks can help you stay strong. However if there are any sudden onset of such symptoms, don’t ignore. Consult Ask Apollo experts for any health queries.

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