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Could we Prevent Corona Virus by Inhaling Steam of Hot Water With a Bit Juice of Clove?

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Steam Inhalation
Steam Inhalation and Covid-19


There is no evidence that steam inhalation with various infused ingredients, will kill the Coronavirus. There’s no medicines (till date) that have been shown to cure COVID-19 infection. 

While it may help comfort and ease symptoms like congestion, steam inhalation also carries the risks of burns.

Pulmonologists say that people must avoid adding clove juice, eucalyptus oil, essential oils and pain balms to water while inhaling the steam. These stimulate the brain and may and cause seizures

The most effective way is to cleaning your hands with alcohol based rubs or washing them with soap & water; maintaining physical distance and wearing mask.

What is steam inhalation?

Steam inhalation is the Go-To remedy to open up the nasal passages and find instant relief from the symptoms of cold, cough, and sinus. Hot water steam inhalation is also called steam therapy that starts with inhaling the water vapor. Once you start inhaling the warm and moist air, the mucus in the nasal passages starts getting loose, conducting the same chain reaction to your throat and lungs as well. This therapy also heals inflammation and swollen blood vessels in your nasal passage. 

It is a point to be noted that the Steam Inhalation or Steam Therapy is effective in aiding relief for common cold and cough but won’t give you a cure to any infection, especially COVID-19. It is a home remedy and will make you feel better once your body has fought off the condition, but it is not the solution for any severe disease.

What are the benefits of steam inhalation?

Steam Inhalation consists of breathing in moist and warm steam from a pot full of hot water and breathing out repeatedly. It will help you ease the irritation in your nasal passages, and the moisture you’re inhaling will also help to thin the stuck and rigid mucus in your sinuses. Performing this activity can provide you relief and help you breathe normally for at least a few minutes. 

Steam inhalation or Steam therapy provides you relief temporarily from the infections and symptoms of common cold, sinus infection, bronchitis, nasal allergies, and the flu. 

The steam will provide you subjective relief from cold and other respiratory infections, and it will not make any other severe condition go away unless you are taking proper medication.

How to inhale steam?

To inhale steam, you’ll first need the following materials: 

  • A pot or a large bowl 
  • Water
  • A gas, stove, or microwave where you can heat the water till it boils 
  • A dry towel 

To start the process of Steam Inhalation, you need to boil the water. After that, carefully transfer the water into another bowl. Cover your head with the dry towel and bend a little towards the hot water keeping a safe distance of at least 8 to 12 inches. Make sure you are extremely careful and do not make direct contact with the water. Inhale the steam slowly and deeply through your nose and continue this for up to 5 to 10 minutes. Do not take the moisture for more than 10-15 minutes for each session.

Does Clove steam Inhalation kill corona?

Clove steam for covid can act as an antimicrobial and will help you kill the bacteria of your body; it can also act as a pain reliever and help you get rid of toothache, muscle pain, effective for the digestive system, and also provide temporary relief from respiratory conditions such as cough and asthma. Still, there is no evidence proving that Clove Steam can kill the deadly Coronavirus.


Steam Inhalation is one of the most effective ways to clear your nasal and respiratory passages and receive temporary relief when you’re down with a cold, cough, or even the flu. As said earlier, it can only provide “Temporary Relief” and will not cure any infection or disease. Proper medication, rest, and healthy eating habits will help you develop a sound immune system, which will help you get rid of any infection.

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